Has anyone have MS and FM or know anything about MS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mamalovinit, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Mamalovinit

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    I ask question awhile back about drop foot and someone had mentioned MS. Anyways I went to the library and got a book on MS. I could have wrote that book myself it sounded so much like me. Is it possible to have both MS and Fibro or do they just mimic each other?

    Does anyone know if it's as hard to have them check for MS as it is FM?

  2. fivesue

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    I'm not an expert, but I believe docs can do and MRI to check to see if there are lesions on a person's brain...there may be other ways, also, but it is something that can be verified as far as I know.

    My step-daughter was checked for it with an MRI, and she doesn't have it...We are glad.

    I'm sure you will get more informed comments, but let me wish you the best as you seek help and information. I also don't see why you couldn't have bot diseases at once, but I'm not a doc. Hopefully someone else will help more.

  3. mariee

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    I do have duo dd of MS and FM. A big issue amongst my docs for a few years...lots of arguing back and forth.
    Best way to know what is going on for you...see a neurologist. He will run appropriate tests to rule in/out MS. MRI is only one of several tests used.
    Good luck. I decided to stick w. my neurologist since in the long run I needed his help in treating MS to keep it in remission. He also understands and treats FM., so maybe when you look into neurologist, see if s/he has an understanding of Fm and MS.
    These 2 diseases mimic each other, both can produce brain lesions, and so lots of confusion.
    Good luck.
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    Hi, I also have both MS and FMS. MS diagnosed is 1997 and FM diagnosed in 2003. I go to both a Neurologist and Rheumatologist, thank goodness insurance pays for the visits.

    I think the hardest part for me is knowing which Doc to call when I'm feeling really bad or just knowing which disease is causing which symptom at the moment. Right now as I type I have severe stabbing pain in the middle of my back on left side. Should I take a skelaxin or not, it's not really muscle pain is it?

    I'm on Neurontin, Cymbalta, Nexium, Loraxepam (all daily) and Skelaxin when needed.

    I've had quite a few MRI's due to MS, I have lesions in brain and spine, but getting a spinal tap was what finally gave me the MS diagnose back in 1997.

    Take care,

  5. Bren5

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  6. emiltim

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    I'm going in the next month to be checked. I know that they start with and MRI, then spinal tap (ouch), but that's about all I know. I have been told that it can take years to diagnose (sound familliar?)
  7. Mamalovinit

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    It sounds like I'll be doing the doctor thing again.

    I ask about FM because that is what I have but I do get extreme fatigue. Never been told if I have CF.

    I feel like my fibro is going beyond what I have dealt with for so long. After reading that book on MS I wondered why they have never tested me for it. It is like after I was told I had FM every symptom I have is wrote off to FM.
  8. buffyr

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    this is your sis in law. mayo just diagnosed me w/ fibro. they tested me for ms it was no fun. lumbar puncture, 2 mris and back to the er department for a blood patch to seal leaking cerebral fluid from the lumbar puncture. but they CAN definately see if you have any damage from ms. See you in a few weeks! I'll try to call you asap. Been pretty sick and very busy, say hi to all.
  9. zerped

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    When I first noticed problems with my body, my doctor had me take an MRI. There was an "abnormality" in the MRI and they wouldn't say it was MS, but my doctor said that my chances didn't look good. Had spinal tap; nothing terrible there. My doctor used to be the head of a MS society as her previous job, so she knows MS. They planned a second MRI, saying the abnormality on the first was probably a "shadow image," or some such thing.

    That gave me 2-3 months of being positive that I had MS, and just waiting for the 2nd MRI to confirm it. Second MRI came back, had exact same "lesion/irregularity" as the first. By this time I had seen three neurologists, and all said "no MS." So CFIDS was the only other explanation. A co-worker, who's wife has MS, told me through this process that it certainly sounded just like his wife's MS.
  10. petesdragon

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    My sister has MS.When she falls she looks like someone has beaten her horribly. I know I have CFIDS and FM. I fall a lot and my sister told me she thinks I have had MS for years, not CFIDS or FM. The next to last fall I broke the cartilige in my ear and the last fall my left thumb has been black and blue for weeks. I had two MRI's - both showed changes in my brain including it's getting smaller because of age and some broken blood vessals. I went to a neurologist and he said it would take several more "episodes" to show whether it was MS or not. He said I could have a spinal tap but even the fluid would not show if I have MS for sure. He said he would do one but it was a very uncomfortable procedure.

    This is VERY important to me because my rheumatologist has me on Remicade, chemotherapy approved for rheumatoid arthritis. It has really helped my pain and let me cut back on prednisone from 10 mg a day to 5 mg. BUT remicade is counterindicated in use with people for MS. Some research articles even say Remicade can cause damage like MS but is reversable if you stop taking it. I finally just made up my mind I didn't have it and decided to continue Remicade which helps me so much. I have to travel six hours one way every 8 weeks to get the Remicade IV's because it is so expensive Medicare will only pay for it being given in a hospital. If I get MS the doctor predicts I will have to pay $1500 a month for those shots. These are hard decisions to make but I pray I am doing the right thing.Hope you are not as confused as I am.
  11. Alyndra

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    I'm seeing a specialist right now that deals with MS - and although he hasn't specifically diagnosed MS itself - he's diagnosed me with a condition that he advises is only present in people that have MS.

    Yeah.. REAL subtle!

    He says it's either or. FM or MS. Yet he still says I'm a FM patient with clinical MS syndromes?

    I don't know anymore. Whatever the clinical names are, all I know is that I'm one big ouch!!


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