Has anyone heard about reseach involving BP tests for FMS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rayswife, May 31, 2010.

  1. rayswife

    rayswife New Member

    While doing my usual web search for any new info on FMS, I ran across a couple articles stating that most people with FMS register severe pain when given a standard blood pressure test. The study further stated that only 20% of non-FMS patients tested had pain associated with the bp test. There is hope amongst FMS researcher that this may lead to more definitive testing. Personally, since the onset of FMS nearly 2 years ago, having my blood pressure taken is excruciatingly painful. Would love to know what others think of this development and what your personal experience with bp tests has been.
  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I absolutely have severe pain with BP readings. I have both CFS and Fibro. Have been sick for 30 years so not sure when it became painful, but it is.
  3. quanked

    quanked Member

    my bp checked. One day my bp was so high that the dr. would not let me leave until it decreased. I cannot count the times it was taken. But my arm was black and blue from the countless time the damned cuff squeezed me to death.

    It hurts like hell--the auto cuff or manual. The more it hurts the higher my bp seems to be.

    I am not sure what you meant about "...this may lead to more definitive testing".

  4. Granniluvsu

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    I do not necessarily have pain where they put the b/p cuff but ever since I started with the FM, CMFS my b/p has been opff the wall. I am taking max. meds to keep it down It is pretty good now but just the thought of having my b/p taken sends it high. I also have a genetical disposition for it but it all started when I started the pain from this crap ! I have to take alog to bring the doc to show her that it spikes. in the office is fine at home. I know I have that white coat syndrome but that is silly since I used to be a nurse and at the other end of the stethoscope :) ! Geez This stinks !

  5. rayswife

    rayswife New Member

    that since we have a distinct and measurable reaction to blood pressure testing there may be a way to come up with an actual test for fibro that have wider acceptance in the medical community that the current tender point test.
  6. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    Hi, the last few months my blood pressure has been all over the place. I am on tenormin 25 mg twice daily now but its not controlling it.My Dr just increased it last week as I had been on it once daily for years.one day it will be 108/59 , or maybe 185/97 and anywhere inbetween. She wants me to add a new medicine added to the tenormin but im sooo fearful of starting a new medication esp the ones with all the horrible side effects.I have panic/anxiety since Ive had fibro and its really effected my mind as far as the fear thing.Is there any safe blood pressure available???The one she wanted me to start was asinapril or something like that, made from brazian pit viper venom. What do you take for your blood pressure if you dont mind me asking? I to used to be a nurse , and of course I always come straigt home and look up everything about a new med and for some reason I become very paranoid about taking anything new,wow how this diease has changed me .It really doesnt hurt to have my b/p taken although I can always tell while its pumping when its going to be high, just feels different. God Bless us all

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