Has anyone heard from fairyeyes?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by samjenkin, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. samjenkin

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    I know she was going through some heavy stuff (along with trying to cope with being ill) and I was thinking about her the other day.

    I then noticed we havent heard from her on this board - has anyone heard how she is doing?
  2. Fairyeyes

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    Hi- thanks for your concern. I have not had access to a computer for a while, but I am doing okay. I am fretfully broke, though, as I am having a hard time getting a second job. i already work 8-2 Mon-Fri, but, I still need to get something else going. I used to be an adult chat line operator(in other words, phone sex), but the company I worked for has a crappy non- rehire policy. If anyone knows of any leads for such work, please let me know, there's got to be lots of those companies out there.

    Soon to be ex is acting very strange, so I am leery of him. I do not really talk to him since I moved out, but when I do, it is strange. I know now that I can NEVER go back.

    I think I already mentioned that the biopsy results came back benign. But ya know, I had not cried at all in the last several months, but then the stress of the biopsy, trying to find work so I don't end up homeless, and the pending divorce, I just lost it the other day.

    Wooohooo, big ol' crying jag. Looked like Kermit the Frog, my eyes were so swollen. Now of course, I am in a flare.

    I am very touched by your concern, it really means a lot.

    I miss you guys, and until I can get on line again, may you all be well.
  3. samjenkin

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    Thanks for letting us know you are okay. Hope things go well for you and you get the job you need. I have a breat biopsy a few years ago and it is funny the way it works. I was obviously concerned, but fell apart when the result came in as benign. It's almost as if you are too worried to worry about it at the time but when you feel its all over, it hits you!

    Good luck and best wishes - stay in touch when you can.


  4. Fairyeyes

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