Has anyone heard of Dr. Kenneth Woliner?

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  1. IST55

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    Hi Everyone,
    First I want to thank those who took the time to respond to my previous note as to Holistic versus Traditional medicine.
    Someone wss smart enough to suggest ask everyone if they ever heard of the doctor you have the appointment with.
    Dr. Kenneth Woliner is located in Boca Raton Florida, he claims that he did practice the "traditional" way in Orlando but it is not clear if he still does and also has this office in Boca Raton. Has anyone heard of him?
    I looked up his profile on the Dept of Health in Florida Profile but it only gives generalized information as to where he was educated, where he did his internship and residency, his license number, what his speciality is.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again to all,
  2. Daisys

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    I can only give you 2nd hand experiences. I know, from other message boards, several who go to him, and they refer to him as The Good Doctor W.

    He works with hormonal support, will prescribe xyrem if needed, and seems to be really on top of things.

    If I lived close to him, I'd go without question, since I know of others who have had really good results.
  3. IST55

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    Dear Daisys,
    Thank you so much for the referral, second hand or otherwise. When I told a dear friend about getting a second opinion from a holistic physician she was trying her best to scare me into changing my mind.

    I read some of his articles and agreed with everything he said, especially since I am intolerant to any kind of so called traditional therapies.

    I feel more confident and am now really looking forward to that consultation on June 26th.

    The only fly in the ointment is that he does not accept any insurance and so everything is out of pocket. The first consultation will be $375 plus whatever labs he decides to draw but at least that consultation is an hour and a half.

    Thanks again for giving me peace of mind!

  4. Daisys

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    Why is it that cutting edge MDs no longer accept insurance at all? DH says pure greed, but I wonder if they want freedom to practice how they want. Insurance tries to control expenditure, that I know.

    Anyway, I'm sticking with the Lyme literate MD, even tho he's expensive and doesn't work with insurance at all. I'm hoping that he'll work with antivirals if I turn out not to have lyme disease.

    If I added up all the visits thru the years that were covered, but I got no help, I think I'd find it was way too expensive. I lost time, and health.
  5. IST55

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    I think part of the problem with these physicians is that the insurance companies do not recognize them as "real" doctors and therefore refuse to work with them. Remember it wasn't that long ago when a patient would ask their doctor about chiropractors that doctor would tell them that they were not qualified to treat patients and yet, I found that sometimes they helped more than the primary physicians did. Most "traditional" physicians rely on modern medicine and drugs that are not always tested throughly before they are approved by the FDA so that is why I honestly believe that the Holistic physicians don't accept insurance. I am sure there is some truth in the fact that if they did, they would be literally dictated to by the insurance companies to "meet their quota for the day" so that might also be a good reason. You are absolutely on the mark when you said that what is the point of seeing a physician who can't help you just because they are part of your insurance plan when you can finally get some sort of relief from one who doesn't. Finally getting some answers and feeling better is more important than worrying about staying in network.
    Hey, I want to enjoy my life and have some sort of quality on how I live that life.
  6. TJW1966

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    I know this is a long since dead thread but I felt it was important to put this information here.

    Dr. Woliner has been disciplined by the State of Florida for negligently diagnosing a patient with hypothyroidism. After this diagnosis, the treatment provided by the doctor induced chemical hyperthyroidism, leading to adverse affects in the patient. He also prescribed Adderall to this patient during the height of the hyperthyroidism crisis.

    In my opinion, this information needs to be readily available to the public, especially since the doctor has multiple videos on YouTube where he claims to be an expert in thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

    Since it is public record, below is a link where you can view his medical license and read the report on his public complaints/discipline:


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