Has Anyone Heard Of Guominkang

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    Hi all,

    I came accross this very interesting article in an Asian Biotech publication. I tried to contact them in addition to trying to located the researchers but no luck. Thought it looked like a very good supplement that might help a lot of people on this board. Curious for your feedback.

    APBN • Vol. 2 • No. 23 • 1998 405
    tudies conducted at the John Hopkins University in the US has confirmed the
    anti-allergic effect of 'Guominkang,' a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
    Guominkang was developed by Prof. Wang Qi, a reputable TCM physician, to treat
    clinical type-I, III and IV anaphylactic reactions, such as allergic rhinitis, allergic
    measles, allergic asthma, pollen allergy, allergic contact dermatitis, autoimmune diseases,
    etc. In collaboration with a study group led by Dr. Huang Xiaogu also from the
    university's Allergy and Asthma Center, Prof. Wang discovered that Guominkang had
    the ability to affect several steps in the mechanism causing Type-I allergic reactions.
    Some of Guominkang's effects include significantly reducing the level of the major
    antibody IgE, which triggers off Type-I anaphylactic reaction; reducing mouse plasma
    histamine level; reducing the number of degranular mast cells; significantly decreasing
    osmosis in mouse blood vessels; and suppressing general symptoms of allergic reactions
    in the mouse.
    Western doctors have longed believed that avoidance of allergens and sources of allergies
    is the best way to treat allergies. However, Prof. Wang reasoned that there are more
    than 2000 allergy-causing substances in the world, as such, removing oneself from all
    these would be extremely difficult. Instead, he believes that correcting a person's allergy
    constitution is the answer. Western medicine tends to focus on blocking the release of
    an allergy-causing medium or on antagonizing its effects on the target organs. As a
    result, western treatments affect only certain specific elements rather than various
    simultaneous steps involved in the mechanism of allergy reaction. On the other hand,
    Chinese medicine such as guominkang affects several links in the mechanism, thereby
    demonstrating that TCM treatments mostly cures by 'cutting off a disease at its root
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    Never heard of it, sounds interesting thanks for posting the article!


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