Has anyone heard of Hydrogen Breath test??

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    I finally went to GI guy as my abd pain continues even after surgery.

    One test he ordered was a Hydrogen Breath Test...I have never heard of such a thing, But very excited about it!

    It's a very specialized test and very few Docs do them....This is a 3 hour test...supposedly they analyize your breath every 15 min after giving you some form of lactose to detect bacteria overgrowth in the snall intestine.

    The tests come out positive if they begin to detect hydrogen in your breath after the lactose feeds into the sm intestine (about an hour or more later) where the bacteria metabolizes the sugar and gives off hydrogen.

    This detects the overgrowth of bacteria among a few other things.(Bacteria is suppose to be in the large intestine only...I didn't know this until today!)

    indications for a test like this are: bloating, abd pain, excess gas*oops!* distention, diarrhea...(these symptoms can be related to so many things.)

    Have to get all the other fun stuff too...colonoscopy, Upper Gi ect....oh well, at least they are looking for the bacteria!!

    Just curious if anyone else has had this procedure done.
    Susan B
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    Was hoping someone may have done this before.
    Well....I will post my results of this test next week!

    Susan B.
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    Sorry yesterday was bad for you. Hope today is better!

    Curious, Why were you the last one there?
    Was it because the test caused diarrhea or other problems? I have to travel 1 1/2 hrs to get to this guy, so that wouldn't be a good thing, LOL!!

    I'm glad this test & treatment did help you.
    I TOTALLY understand the "take-a-number" thing! I feel the same way. Actually that's part of what got me into this mess. Didn't go back when I should have. Having really bad pain now...I just hope and pray they can find the problem and fix it! I'm also having a colonoscopy next week. Deep seated pain in my right side...feels like an appendicitis.

    I have been lactose intolerant for the last two years, Started up right after one of my surgery's. I wonder now if this small bowel thing with bacteria may be the problem.

    Thanks again. Have a great day!

    Susan B.

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    I noticed you are in Calif.
    Just curious,Are you in So Cal or Northern Calif?
    I'm in So. Cal which is why I asked. Sounds like we are sorta neighbors!

    Take care,