Has anyone heard of Microdose Therapy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by smoke, Feb 1, 2004.

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    I have some literature on Microdose Therapy and it sounds like it is worth looking into. I am meeting with a person in Columbia, MO later in the month to find out more about this. I first heard about it in Arizona while I was there checking the climate out. They do have a web site and everyone should be able to figure this one out!

    Dr. Virgil Stenberg is the founder of Microdose International, Inc.

    Microdose Therapy is a clinically-proven, physician-supervised, patient-controlled method for reducing pain, stiffness, fatigue and joint destruction.

    Sufferers who have used Microdose Therapy have experienced maximum relief within twenty-one days of starting the program.

    Microdose Therapy also allows patients to reduce the amount of medicines used to treat Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and other related conditions, thereby reducing the hazards of the side effects of these medicines.

    Good luck,
  2. Robbimo

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    Hi Jay,

    I went to a presentation on Microdose Therapy and it sounded good at first. Then I noticed that they were vague on specifics. When I tried to ask questions the answers were typical sales mumbo jumbo, including the old chestnut, "How much is your health worth?"

    When asked why doctors aren't prescribing this treatment, and insurance companies won't cover it, they responded with something that sounded like a conspiracy theary- something about doctors and drug companies not making enough money on it.

    The guys hawking it seem to be making money, however. When I asked the cost, you wouldn't believe the runaround I got. They started talking about the importance of my health and how nothing was too much to pay.

    When I finally pinned them down, they wanted $4,000 and offered no guarantee at all. I asked why no guarantee, if it worked so well. They said they didn't know for sure that I would stick to the program. Of course, I was expected to risk $4,000 on their word alone.

    I'm not saying it won't work, but this has been around for quite a while without being accepted by the medical community. It seems to me that they would have no problem giving some kind of money back guarantee if it is so successful. Every "success story" I have heard has been from the people who want our money.

    This could turn out to be a miracle cure. So could a lot of other unproven techniques being offered by holistic specialists, chiropractors, unknown people in newspaper ads, etc. The people at the seminar I went to were very good salespeople, but I didn't see any reason to think it was worth the money or health risk.

    Of course, you need to look into it yourself. This is just my impression. I would love to be wrong. I want that miracle cure as much as anybody.

    Good luck to you! Robbie

  3. buddy1

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    On the Microdase therapy, Sounds great! A for sure cure,everyone wants one, I agree with robbies response to your posting, I attended a seminar as well, here in seattle it sounds very promising especially when you are in pain and are looking for a cure, you are just about willing to pay any price to make it all go away. They are not yet here and have no physicians under their belt but claim to be able to, they offer no gaurentees. I sat through the whole thing,. Just be very careful if you decide to do it.If it is lagitimate and you are willing to pay the $4000 bucks then I wish you the best of luck. Is your health worth it? That is exactly what they said to me, How much are you willing to pay to get better? I would pay anything if I had it!! good luck to you on your journey

  4. DebbieG64

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    Hello, I wish to convey to you fellow sufferers about my experiences with Microdose Therapy from the Helens Foundation who claims to reduce pain for Arthritis, CFS, Fibromyalgia, back pain, migraines and even Parkinson’s by using Hydrocortisone (Cortisol) tablets. You name the illness…they claim to “reduce it or eliminate it.” Against the wishes from my RA & PC docs, who thought it was one of many ways to take advantage of chronic pain sufferers, I bit the hook of the promises to “arrest Fibromyalgia in 21 days” with a program where “patients averaged 77% relief.” Desperate people in pain tend to do desperate things. Of course the people over the phone were very nice. They were also very happy to “get my check” of $7495.00 rather than my medical information.

    During the “Shower” dose or loading dose, of 100 mgs of oral Hydrocortisone (Cortisol), I experienced adverse reactions such as swelling/feeling of fullness of the face, jaw, neck and armpits. I also had a sore throat & minor chest pain. The head face & jaw pain was elevated above the usual level which made it unbearable to be around anyone or do anything. What really concerned me the most was an overwhelming, dark crushing depression and an extreme level of fatigue to the point that I could barely get out of bed. I haven’t experienced anything like that before. I barely had the strength to complete basis daily activities and take care of my mom who suffers from severe Arthritis. These reactions were far worse than I experienced with Prednisone. I was told Hydrocortisone was a more “natural” drug than Prednisone but my body could not tolerate it and the side effects were unbearable even when I tapered the dosage down 20mgs. So I discontinued the drug and went back on the Prednisone at a lower dosage (1/2 of 5 mg). I should have listened to my doctors who discouraged me from entering the program. The docs told me that Hydrocortisone is really NO different from taking Prednisone. They are both Corticosteroids but Hydrocortisone has lower dosing levels than Prednisone. However, Prednisone is longer acting. There are some other small differences between the two but not much. The Loading session cost me $3400 even though I got sick on the medication and couldn't complete the 3 weeks. His cold response in a final letter was "Which are we to believe: Ms G diary numbers or her words?" If this wasn't a slap in the face I don't know what is!

    In essence, it was a very expensive lesson for me to which the program cost me out of pocket $5545.00 out of $7495.00. They weren't concern with my reactions and wanted me to continue...probably to get the rest of the money. I paid $900 for Food Allergy Testing through the program which came from a Lab that specializes in testing horses, dogs and cats. You can find a similar test for $400-500. Check your local lab. I also had to pay $995 for a digital tracking system (a computer graphing program) which charted my daily fluctuating symptoms from 4 pages of pain diaries. Dr. Virgil Stenberg claimed I had an "improvement" in my symptoms which he think he is responsible for. Those 4 days of "improvement" came after I stopped taking the medication due to the side effects! My body was trying to return to its "normal" chronic pain status prior to starting the drug! Of course, symptoms wax and wane with constant flare ups from activity, storms... It would be best if the doctor used some common sense and recall the Hippocratic Oath of “Do No Harm!” So just to let you know this is how they get the “percentage of improvements” they claim to make. I didn’t take a statistics class but I also know there are false positive errors which factors can be misinterpreted. All they are concerned about are the total numbers on the many pain diaries they send to you which you fill in when you’re feeling your worst. I thought they were going to help teach me more about the cortisol levels and of pain management but this is not the case.

    So be warned! You are either a predator or you are prey! I lost a lot of money and I now regret entering the program. I was a fool! Hydrocortisone (oral) in lower doses may work for you but please be very cautious about this program! You sign a contract and you will lose most of your money even if you can't tolerate the drug. You don’t need to spend $7495! Just ask your doc to give it a try if you have problems with the Prednisone. Each Hydrocortisone tablet is 20mgs and 5 tablets of 20 mgs is said to equal 20 mgs of Prednisone. In the Shower/loading stage, I started with 5 tablets (100mgs) for a week which caused me to flare up. I tapered to 3 tbs (60 mgs) week 2 tbs (40 mgs) then 1 ½ tbs (30 mgs) for a week. I had to taper down early then stop the medication per doctor’s orders. Actually 3 docs told me to stop. Eventually, you may find a minimal dose that will help reduce your pain and remain on it for the rest of your life. I hope this helps others from being preyed upon. When one is in pain, one tends to try everything and everything to help relieve the pain. This program is very expensive for what your doc can do with you. This is just a shout out to all you sufferers. Take care & hang in there. DG

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