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    Just wondering if anyone in the Richmond, Va area has heard of Dr. Anna Bittner or her husband Dr. Tim Taylor?

    Dr. Bittner, especially, has come highly recommend to me by one of my other doctors. Dr. Bittner used to be in private practice but decided to venture out with her husband Dr. Tim Taylor to help people with fibromyalgia and chronic pain due to the fact Dr. Bittner has fibromyalgia herself and her husband has dealt with chronic pain. They both have found by trial and error treatments that do help fibromyalgia and chronic pain, that other doctors will not mention to a patient due to insurance purposes.

    Plus, she doesn't just spend 10 minutes with you. Most appointments last between 1 to 2 hours. The only drawback is she nor her husband deals with insurance companies and visits run $150 an hour. Sure, you can submit the claim yourself, but my insurance only pays 75% out of network after a $5,000 deductiable is met.

    I have decided to give her a try though and my first appointment is May 24th. I figured I have wasted thousands and thousands of dollars without feeling one bit better, so maybe this is the doctor I have been looking for. I think it is worth a try. Dr. Bittner has already said that she will work with my PCP in my treatment, and other doctors in my network and if they can provide the treatment she recommends (tests, therapy etc.), then my insurance will pay all but my usual copay. I think that is very fair.

    I don't want to have too high expectations, but on the other hand, I do hope this is the beginning of some good needed help.

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    I am in Williamsburg, looking for a good doctor. How did this one work out for you? Thanks!

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