Has anyone heard of or used Threelac for Candida?

Discussion in 'Candida' started by tessatessa, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. tessatessa

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    I just wondered if anyone has any feedback on Threelac. It is purported to be a cure for candida without having to have dietary restrictions and from my research on yeast this seems like an extraordinary claim. And it's not cheap so I thought I would check on it. This is my first time on this board so hi to everyone and I apologise if I'm covering old ground. tessa
  2. tessatessa

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    and lots of people are saying it's great, not all but lots. here's one site


    I just started looking into the yeast thing and it's pretty scary, I have a LOT of the symptoms. Anyway, while I was looking at various information today there was lots of stuff about this threelac. Someone's even selling it on ebay - it's not cheap. That's why I want to find out about it before I decide to do anything. tessa
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    I'm also interested in ThreeLac. I've read a lot about it on the net, but I'd like to hear from people who have actually tried it.(not those who sell it) I'm also interested in hearing any feedback from someone who has tried Primal Defense.


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    Hi Holly, thanks for the bump, hopefully a few people will see it and reply, I would really like to know more about Threelac. Terry
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    Glad I did. It helped me when my Candida was at it's worst. Now that my Candida is not as bad (thankfully) I take it in more of a maintainance dosage. It is pretty expensive. I hesitated in buying it for months even though people said it was really good.

    It helped me with my IBS-C, candida related acne, stomach pains just to name a few.

    It's worth trying, Susan.
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    I am on the candida program for one month now. Primal Defense is one of the supplements that my doctor has prescribed.I do not believe you can conquer this without a qualified alternative medicine doctor or a naturapath and sometimes they are not easy to find. The rash is gone,but the muscle aches and headace feeling is there. I suppose it is because of the dieoff. My main complaint has been a numbness in my face. Like a cosmetic mask. I have been to numerous neuro's, doctors etc. Have taken mri's catscan etc. This is my only hope and my doctor seems to feel I will get rid of the numbness in my face but it will go away a little at a time and not right away. Is there anyone out there that has heard of anyone with numbness?
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    Could someone please tell me how many Primal Defense you took a day? I have worked up to 8 a day. I read you should take 9 to 12 for up to 6 months. That would be very expensive!
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    I have been taking threelac for 4 months now. I started out taking to much and had to cut back to one a day. I am on maintenance now.

    If I screw up and eat something I should not i get a flare up and take 2 a day till it is all cleared up again.

    It is worth the money. i have not felt as good as I do in a long time. I cannot say enough good stuff about the Threelac.

    However i highly suggest you go to the ght site to buy it as they are the main sellers and you can get better deals, they call you regularily to see if it is working for you etc.

    They do not have any middle men there. Like I said it is worth it and has been a wonderful find.