**Has anyone heard of progesterone allergies??***

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylD, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. SherylD

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    I was just doing some reading on hormone inbalances..And it was talking about progesterone allergies..

    One article a lady was going to ask her allergist to test her for this..

    I am just couious..When prgesterone levels increase you would feel worse..

    I believe alot of my problems got worse from pregnancy...I just wonder if this something I should check out..

  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Homeopaths are very familiar w/ this condition. It was a homeopath and Master Herbalist that quickly assessed me as having estrogen toxicity (aka estrogen dominance) years ago and perscribed an estrogen detox homeopathic tincture along w/ a liver detoxing tincture and by George, as skeptical as I was back then of homeopathics, it worked anyway for my acute symptoms.

    I've also been tagged as having progesterone toxicity now thru my env. doc and their allergists and have been taking an allergy serum for years that helps me w/ those symptoms. It is a type of allergy. This leads me to think our disease is more autoimmune than most think because we are having allergic type reactions to our own hormones.

  3. SherylD

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    I am going to my gyno in Mar...Is there any testing he can do for me?? Or do I have to go to an allergist??

    I was going to have my gyno Or somebody check all my hormones..

    I just find it odd that my symptoms change so much with my cycle..PMS time is bad or course..And my pregnancy with my daughter was horrible...That was 6 years ago and I still feel alot like I did when I was pg.

    I know I have a yeast problem..But I think I have some sort of hormone problem too..

    Where do I start??
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  5. SherylD

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  6. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Maybe if they are env. docs like one of mine. She's the one w/ the alternative allergy testing that tests for allergies to ones own hormones. I'd be very surprised if you can find a normal allergist to do this. They will probably look at you like you are loopy

    You can get an MD to check all your hormones though, both by urine tests and by blood. But how they interpret the results will probably be limited to their narrow minded perspectives.

    What you can do on your own is find a mail in lab online and they can do spit tests for hormones which are much more refined. My env. doc wants me to do a spit test that tests for celiac and also does the hormones as well, and her's is a mail in lab, but I buy the test kit through her. I will probably do it myself through a lab when I feel like addressing it.

  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

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  8. SherylD

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    What is env. DR...?? What kind of dr. is that???

    Don't mean to sound stupid..
  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    are MD's, but they practice on the alternative medicine side and integrate alot of nutrition, supplememnts, homeopathy, use cutting edge medical tests (that the good old boys are still iffy about) and have a more advanced and accurate form of allergy testing. They perscribe rx's sometimes too.

    Env. medicine is big in Ontario, but not so much in some of our other provinces. And here it's covered as well, though some of their testing, like for allergies isn't covered because it's not widely accepted yet. If you found an MD who integrated alt. med., you'd find a rough equivelant, I guess you just don't have a defined branch of medicine for it yet.

    Some of your famous american docs, like Teitelbaum, Shoemaker and the one that started the Guai treatment (mental blank) would be about the equivelant, so are the FFC practitioners. My env. doc does all the IV's and stuff in her office too, I'd have to say she isn't quite as organized w/a cutting edge protocol like the FFC though.

  10. SherylD

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    You are lucky to have a dr. like that..I don't think there are any dr. around here like that..How do you suppose I would go about trying to find one around here if they are out there??

    Like all these different test everyone talks about...I wouldn't even know where to start..What to even ask my dr. to do..Who knows maybe she would do some of it if I asked...But I don't know what I would be asking for..

    Thanks Alot..

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