Has anyone heard of "Reliv Shakes"?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jenni-2, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Jenni-2

    Jenni-2 New Member

    Hi I am fairly new here and have a question for anyone who has an opinion on this. My sister in law has MS, Diabeties, Glaucoma, and High Blood pressure. Yeah, that's alot, and she is only 32. Ok she was contacted by some independent person selling this "Reliv" a company that sells shakes to make you feel better and what not. It is supposed to help with FM and all the other things my sister in law has wrong with her. She is paying $80 a month to get these shakes. She has been on them for 2 weeks now and She says she does feel better. They are now approaching her about selling the shakes independently, but she has to pay $3,000 to get her start up kit. I am glad she says she feels better, but I feel kind of leary about the whole thing. I am not sure what is in the shake I think it is a soy base though. I hope she is not getting ripped off. If it really works I would be willing to try it myself but I can't affford an extra $80 a month. She has not talked it over with her physician either. Just curious to know your thoughts about this. IF anyone has any info on this shake please let me know! Thank you so much!
  2. alaska3355

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    but I would be leary of her having to invest $3,000 to get started. A lot of companies take advantage of sick people, get their hopes up and take their money. So I hope she doesn't consider selling it.
  3. Bailey-smom

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    and they do make you feel better - all it is is nutrition in a can. There are no milk or soy products in them, I don't think I ever read that on the can?????

    All reliv is is a multi-level marketing company that sells nutrition products. I don't think it is bad - I told them right away that I would not sell the product so we did not get into the cost. I used to be an herbalife distributer many years ago & it works the same way - you spend $3000 on product in 1 order and you get to buy product at the deepest discount so that you can sell it full price to other people (there is your profit) or eat it yourself cheaper.

    I do know a few distributers but speaking from experience . . . they try to tell you how easy it is to sell but it is a full time job if you want to make any money at all.

    I do wish her luck.

  4. fbc

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    I am glad that Reliv is helping your sister-in-law feel better. It has definitely been a great thing for me!! I now take no presciption medication, and I feel better than I had felt for years!!!!!!!!

    She does not have to start at the top level ($3000) to be a distributor. Have them explain it to her again. That is the TOP profit level, but there are others she can start at and work her way up. I CHOSE to go to the top level because I wanted to get the best deal I could since my son and I were both taking it. I found a 0% credit card and put the whole thing on it, then paid a little each month. It was the same as buying the product each month, but a lot cheaper. I had NO intention of ever selling it. But when I began to feel so much better, people started asking me about it and where they could get it.

    If this is helping her, please don't discourage her. I get so tired of family members and some others who tell me Reliv is only out for your money. I paid a LOT MORE money to doctors and pharmacies and nothing they had to offer gave the relief from Fibro symptoms that Reliv has.

    God bless you and your sister-in-law! Keep us updated on how she is doing.

  5. amymb74

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    I didn't notice a difference but I also didn't try it for very long. AMY
  6. fbc

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    Since Reliv is nutrition, not a drug, it does not usually offer over-night success. But the results long term are so much better than meds, that it is worth the wait. It took me almost 3 months to notice a big difference, but at that time both my husband and I realized I have was having a LOT more good days than I use to. I then made the decision to wean myself off of my prescriptions and another 3 months later was completely medication free and doing things I had given up ever being able to do.

    So if you choose to give Reliv a try, don't give up!!

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