Has anyone heard of this treatment?

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    I had an appointment the other day with the director of Neurosciences at the hospital where I work. Now mind you he comes very highly recommended. During the sleep evaluation questioning, he got out a set of calipers and started taking measurements on my face. He seemed "very pleased" with his findings. At any rate later on after the exam he told me there was a doctor ( general dentist) in Exton, Pa. ( about an hour from my home) that has had tremendous success with helping FM patients with some appliance that he makes for them to wear. I do have terrible TMJ problems, along with headaches, dizziness, and often a loss of balance. He said this doctor discovered people with this problem all have characteristic measurements, and mine fit the criteria. I am going on Monday to see this guy. If my doctor weren't so well renowned I would have thought he was really way off base. I did leave somewhat depressed as it meant yet another doctor!!!! I am also having a sleep study this Thursday night. I will let you know how I make out.
    Love Sue
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    Hopefully this will be of help to you. In any case, it certainly is fascinating and I hope you keep us updated. For years, I suffered from TMJ from clenching my teeth at night, causing all kinds of pain and headaches. Now that I take Klonopin, I no longer do this. I think it has more to do with muscle spasms than alignment of the jaw. Wearing a guard at night just exacerbated the problem for me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Sue,
    I have suffered with TMJ since the onset of FM about 5 years ago. I orginally saw my dentist for advice on my problem. At the time, I was having horrible neck, head and facial pain,Aching teeth and I was barely able to open my mouth. He referred me to an orthodontist. They were able to give me alot of great advice to relieve the pain. But the appliance that they wanted to make for me was far too costly. Dental insurance rarely covers this treatment and only a few medical insurances will consider payment. So I returned to my regular dentist and he made a regular athletic mouthguard to try. It actually worked out quite well. They can make them in various thicknesses and can also fashion them for lower teeth. It takes a while to get used to. I now work for a dentist office and we recommend this option to alot of people that have chronic pain (pain causes an increase in clenching and grinding). It is a conservative option but I know of a lot of sufferers that have found relief from trying this route first.
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    I am wondering if this treatment is the same I had about 15 years ago. I had such bad TMJ that my mouth got stuck open when I was singing to my radio. My dentist sent me to another dentist who specialized in TMJ. He fit me with a bruxism device. That is kind of like the mouthpiece that the football players wear. Anyway, it was very thick at first and I had to wear it all the time except when I ate. It was hard to talk on the phone though. I went to see him for about 8 months. Little by little he would check my bite with what looked like tracing paper that sewers use on fabric. He would then adjust the mouthpiece accordingly to balance out my bite. After 8 months of doing this he eventually shaved my teeth to where the peaks and valleys fit together. (Don't worry there was no pain whatsoever wtih the shaving). I had wonderful relief of the pain. It also taught me unknowingly how to drop my jaw and relax it, so I don't get the headaches unless I am tense. Also, this is NOT a dental procedure. It is orthopedic and you insurance should cover it. You may have to fight with them about it. Have your dentist write a letter to them stating that this affects your jaw bone, NOT your teeth. This is a structural problemm with your bones. I hope this helps!