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  1. angels_0555

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    I called a holistic doc yesterday and they said for the first visit they hook you up to a machine at the forehead, wrists and ankles with suction cups to figure out if you have stresses, nutritional problems and toxins and then evaluate the feedback. I'm tired of being told I'm "normal" and getting vague dx's. Been told I have probable fibro and cfs. All other tests are in range but still have fatigue and muscle aches. I'm willing to try anything once. This test will cost $99.00. Sound like it's worth it? Thanks for your help..
  2. JaciBart

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    Honestly............if I could do it and $$$$ was not the drawback I defintely would.

    I would go into it tho saying "This is only for information purposes, this is not a CURE, only a way for different perspective"

    I would bet that the info you will learn will be very interesting.

  3. babyjoan

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    If you can afford it what can it hurt??? If people keep trying all different things, someone may stumble across a solution to our poblems!!

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    lots of people here have seen holistic practitioners. some have great success but some are offered very expensive dubious sounding treatments.

    Is this doctor recommended by anyone you know? it's not the cost that worries me but that you are seeing someone reputable. It upsets me when people are ripped off by quacks as it gives alternative medicine a bad name and I'm so in favour of 'complementary' medicines. I see a homeopath, and use reflexology, aromatherapy, bach flower remedies as well as herbal and other 'alternatives' at various times.

    I do hope this doctor is reputable, if you aren't sure, and you don'[t have any recommendations from friends, do a bit of research and contact others to see what they are offering and how much they are charging.

    don't mean to sound negative, just cautious!
    love Pam xx