Has anyone heard of/tried Rolfing?

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    Was diagnosed with FM about 2 years ago. Symptoms getting much worse: increased pain/stiffness (even my hair hurts some days -- people think I'm nuts for saying this); can't seem to stand for longer than half an hour, can't sleep with Ambien 10 mg. (dr. said try adding diphenhydramine 25 mg. -- didn't help at all), had been on Elavil but had horrible, vivid nightmares. Was rear-ended in a very low velocity impact (maybe 5 mph?) and symptoms seems worse after that. Had x-rays and MRI -- no fractures, no herniated discs. Horrible concentration -- I lost a very good job due to this. Have also noticed decrease in visual acuity, although I've gone to the opthalmologist twice now and the last time they put in punctal plugs (said I had no tear film on my eyes) -- this is not helping.

    God, I feel awful. I used to be a smart, mentally sharp, fun-loving person with a great memory, and the ability to appreciate even the smallest pleasures -- now I feel like an empty, broken shell with no energy, in constant pain. My husband says I am lazy, and if we were both in a foxhole he'd take my gun and shoot me so he'd have a chance to survive. I am so demoralized and feel so worthless.

    Are these additional symptoms, i.e., dry eyes, decreased visual acuity, mental cloudiness, ?rosacea (although this seems to have decreased) related to FM? Is anyone taking glucosamine/chondroitin?

    Who is the most appropriate doctor? Rheumatologist? Neurologist? Pain Management (if there is such a thing)?

    Thanks for any advice; this is really hard for me to even voice these statements. I'm a pretty private person, and I feel like a prisoner hiding a big secret.

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    and yes, I know how crazy it sounds but, I also know how it feels. I also am intelligent and loved even the small things in life. Now I'm facing losing a job I love due to physical problems and memory problems. I'm sorry your husband isn't more supportive. As for doctors, there is a referrel list at the top right of the board that might help. As for the frustration, make sure to notice the small pleasures in life and to recognize the little miracles that happen around us each day.

    God bless,
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    I feel very badly that things are so “on the downside” for you and that your husband is not more supportive. It is hard for people to understand what FMS / CFS is and how it can so negatively affect the quality of life for those who have it. It’s especially hard if those who are the closest to us do not understand and support us through all the bad times we have to go through. I also have been a very “private” person with my FMS just because of the reactions I receive from many around me. My symptoms have worsened as well much to my dismay, and it is very discouraging.

    My impression of a good doctor to go to is one who may be in family practice or internal medicine and who understands what FMS / CFS is and who is willing to refer to more specialized providers if indicated or needed. The best way to look is to actually interview doctors. You wouldn’t hire anyone to work for you without interviewing them; well you should do the same thing with doctors. Be up front and honest with the doctors and tell them that you are looking for a doctor who will be up front and honest with you and one that you are able to develop a rapport with.

    On Rolfing, My daughter who is a certified massage therapist tells me that Rolfing may be “too rough” (very deep muscle) for me to try since I have FMS. I’ll past some info that I found on the topic below for you to read about Rolfing.
    Rolfing is a kind of deep massage and "movement education" developed by Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979), a biochemist and therapist. She authored several books on the relationship of form and structure in the human body, including “Rolfing: The Integration of Human Structures” (New York: Harper and Row, 1977). Her dissertation was on the chemistry of unsaturated phosphatides and was published by The Waverly Press in 1922.
    Dr. Rolf claimed she found a correlation between muscular tension and pent up emotions. Rolfing is the name given to Dr. Rolf's method of massage, which transcends chiropractic in that it is based on the notion that emotional as well as physical health depends upon being properly aligned. In Rolfing, alignment must be of much more than just the spine. To be healthy, according to Rolfers, you must align your head, ankles, hips, thorax, pelvis, knees, shoulders, ears, etc., in just the right way or else the evils of gravity will be felt. By being properly aligned, gravity enhances personal energy leading to a healthy body and emotional state.