Has anyone here been tested positive to Lyme Disease?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suexi, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. suexi

    suexi New Member

    hi everyone; does anyone have Lyme and cfs and or fm? is it possible to have combinations of this or is it just a matter of one or the other? Input is greatly appreciated.
  2. bsyounges

    bsyounges New Member

    yes, in fact the dr. i am seeing now says that with the new info on lyme, he started to test all of his fibro and cfs patients for lyme and the majority tested positive, including me. we discuss my treatment options next week. there are both herbal/natural treatments that look promising and long term antibiotics also work. it is a hard bug to beat and there are usually co-infections or parasites involved. he said it is really satisfying being able to give his long term patients a definite diagnosis, an actual treatment that treats more than just the symptoms and to be able to watch these people acutally recover and regain their health.

    and suexi, the standard lyme tests aren't all that reliable but the test you should ask for is the western blot by (and i'm going to spell this wrong) igenex. it contains more information than the standard western blot ordered by most non lyme literate dr's.
    good luck.
    good luck to both of us.
  3. bsyounges

    bsyounges New Member

    the immunesupport site also has a lyme message board that i have found very helpful. navigate your way over there and hopefully you can find more answers.
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Igenex is on line and I think you will be able to find
    a lab closest to you. I'm setting up a Lyme test in
    the Bay Area in Palo Alto So. of S.F. My Daughter has
    had Lyme for well over ten ys. that we know of and
    symptoms are very similar to CFS and FM.


    Best Wishes,

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