Has anyone here ever had a Kidney/Ureter stent put in place?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by another_painful_day, Aug 29, 2005.

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    I had a stent put in the ureter on my right side after the Urologist lazered a large stone out of my rt Ureter yesterday in the Hosptial. Im in so much pain, not to mention that Im scared to death to face Thursday when they will remove it right there thru a cystoscope in the office with no anesthesia or sedation. I really fel it and Im miserable. I think the stone pain was just as bad as this.
    Anyone else have this done from Kidney Stones?
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    Yes, and I feel for you!

    I have had 5 kidney stone episodes in my lifetime and that's 5 too many!

    I can't remember the reason that I had to have the stent put in on one of them, but I did.

    A few days before I was due to have it taken out, I got in so much pain that I could barely walk! I suffered until the day I was due to have it out, because I did not know any better! I should have called the doc's office, but I did not.

    When I got there for my appt, I was doubled over in pain and the person at the desk want to know why I was in so much pain. After I told her, she went back and told the doc. I called called back then, and did not have to wait for the 2 in front of me.

    Come to find out .... the stent had slipped out of place!!!! That's why I was in so much pain!!! The doc asked me why I didn't call him. I told him this was the first stent I had put in and I did not know what to expect. He said anything that I was in that much pain, that I should call the office and ask if that was normal.

    From what I can remember, when he took the stent out in his office, even though it was out of its original place, it did NOT hurt. I was already in so much pain, that I didn't feel anything!!

    You might want to call him NOW about all of your pain, then when you go to get it out, remind him that you are really nervous about getting it out and maybe he will be extra gentle!! (or hopefully, give you something to relax!)

    Hope this helped,


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