Has anyone here gone to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

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  1. dmanto47

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    Hi all...
    I recieved info today from Dr. Shoemaker in Maryland. Just wondering if anyone here had gone to him and if so how did you feel about his protocol??
    Would appreciate any info
  2. Yolapa

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    I didn't actually go see Dr. Shoemaker, but my doc here in Seattle consulted with him on the telephone a few times. I didn't go through the entire testing/treatment protocol because of cost (the doc I was seeing wasn't covered by my insurance), but I did do the VCS and DNA test for chronic neurotoxins. They found I had the genetics for susceptibility to mold toxins (like in sick building syndrome).

    At that point, further testing would have been done for MSH levels and a bunch of other things, but my doc went ahead and treated me with cholestyramine. I was on some other treatments at the same time, so I'm not sure if that was responsible for me getting any better or not, but it certainly didn't hurt. It's totally safe--not like jumping on a bunch of meds.

    I really like his theory, though, and believe chronic neurotoxins are responsible for a lot of illnesses like CFS and FMS. He has solid testing methods and results--not like having to guess at diagnosis off of unmeasurable symptoms like so many others. I definitely would suggest seeing him if you think you might fit into his diagnosis.
    Did you already take the preliminary tests on the website?
  3. dmanto47

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    I have been researching since in Sept. 2002, when I had to leave my home do to exposure of very high levels of toxic mold. I had been sick since 1999 when I move into this house. Not knowing what was making so very ill. The mold was not visible it was behind the wall in a bathroom. Yes I took the test on Dr. Shoemaker's site, and it was positive. I also have been on the CSM treatment. I have had numerous blood test and brain scans and some major problems related to exposure. I would buy a plane ticket tomorrow if I new that he would be able to get me well. It is so hard trying to find Dr.'s that beleive that breathing toxic spores caused my illness. They just don't beleive it does this to a person because there is no proven science on this yet. Not all but most. Thank you again for responding.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    One of our members ( and a close friend of this lady ) RECOVERED using this protocol(questran) . Her name is Ahorsesoul . It is certainly worth a shot. I have a gut feeling you have found the source of at least a large part
    of your illness , Mold can make people desperately ill !
    There are people who die from eating peanuts or nuts unknowingly - not terribly uncommon.
  5. Ahorsesoul

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    Questran did a great job on me. Sorry I am not on the board very often. I feel so good that I do not often check in here. I have been thinking I should write up one last story about my road to better health. Keep taking that Questran. Keep looking for a doctor who will help. There is help out there! I am now living a real life instead of the fibro life.

  6. Jasmine

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    I found Dr. Shoemaker's website very interesting because I got sick from CFS after chronic mold exposure in my house. I read on this board that someone suggested that beta sitosterol is the naturopathic version of questran so I've taken Natrol beta sitosterol for a couple of weeks so far on and off. I'll be starting my three weeks on of beta sitosterol again next month. So far the only imporvement I have been is that my breathing is better now. questran and beta sitosterol do give chronic constipation as a side effects so I can take only one pill a day instead of the required four a day.

    Love, Jasmine
  7. mommysisland

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    I haven't tried his protocol yet, but I have taken the test on-line, and it was positive. But I want to know, how positive? "Just" positive, moderately positive, or "oh, my gosh" positive... I asked his office, but they said the interpretative scale is propietary. She did let me know that higher numbers are better. That is, if you keep taking the VCS test then your score will go up as you improve. My scores on the VCS was a 51 and overall indicator was a 14. Anybody else care to share your scores? I'm looking at a couple of different avenues of treatments/protocols and just don't know where to best turn with my finances becoming as scarce as my energy!

    Thanks all!

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  8. mommysisland

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  9. dmanto47

    dmanto47 New Member

    My total VCS Score: 45 positive, Overall Score 18
    And I was exposed to very high levels of toxins (mold) in my home. Hope this helps.
  10. mommysisland

    mommysisland New Member

    Thanks dmanto47! When your test came up positive, did the site give you information on Lyme, or something else, like the mold that you know you've been exposed to? Just curious. Mine discussed Lyme, I was expecting heavy metals, mercury in particular, because I know I've been exposed to that. I believe the test is able to differentiate between types of toxins.

    I know someone here has done very well on Questran, but can't remember who. If you are out there can you tell us how your scores went? It would be nice and useful, I think, if we could gather a dozen or so scores and get a feel for the range.

    Have you decided whether to go see him? Have you read his book? I've ordered it but don't have it yet.

    Thanks again for the help.

  11. mommysisland

    mommysisland New Member

    Gee, if I just re-read the thread I'd have found that the Questran success has been with Horsesoul. Did you take the VCS test? If yes, more than once? Do you remember your scores? Thanks for any help you can offer!

  12. dmanto47

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    Yes Dr. Shoemaker site gives alot of info on biotoxin illness's. I have not read his book yet and need to order it. I am trying a treatment with Neuropathy Dr. Just started it last week, go Tues. for another. I posted it, it is called QXCI...I would try anything to feel better. If this doesn't work then I am going to see if Neuro Dr. will follow Dr. Shoemaker's protocol. After I got blood test back my Lyme Titer test was in the high range. So waht neuro dr. thinks is my body was able to fight the Lyme's but then when i got another dose of toxin (molds) it just couldn't do it anymore and that is why I have Chronic Fatigue. Anyway i hope I answered your question as my brain is lacking today. Let me know how u are doing.
  13. saphire17

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    Dr Shoemaker is on the cutting edge of illnesses that are causes by toxins. I am part of a staff who were severely effected by two kinds of toxic mold in an office building. We had respiratory, cronic fatigue and bad neurotoxic effects. I myself have damage to my central nerveous system. His treatment got us back to a level where we could again function in our lives (go to work, participate in family events etc.). His work is receiving wider recognition all the time, including govenrment agencies dealing with environmental illnesses.
  14. dmanto47

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    I am going to fill out my information packet from Dr. Shoemaker and send all medical info to him..talked to his office and they said they could work with me since I live in Texas...but good to hear it did work for you. And I hope it works for me.
    Thank you for your reply!!
  15. mommysisland

    mommysisland New Member

    Thanks for the helpful post Saphire! Very glad to hear his work is helping you. Did you take the VCS tests? Do you by chance know your scores? I've been trying to make some sense of them, though I think I'm going to try the protocol anyway. At this point, I can't really spend more money going to see him or even the phone consult. :-(

    Again, thanks for the post, and I'm so glad you are getting some relief!


    PS Dmanto, please let yus know how you are doing...
  16. dmanto47

    dmanto47 New Member

    Hi Jessica,
    Good to hear from you. Well I started an new treatment couple of weeks ago the QXCI..and the verdict is still out on this one. The only thing I have noticed is that it has torn up my sinus's. Which were already showing up on MRI as not functioning to well. And that is from breathing all of that toxic mold spores for so long.

    Hasn't helped the fatigue actually has made it worse. I am on anti-biotic now due to all of this crud sinus infection.
    But I thought I would give it a shot and see.
    But I am going to try and get with Dr. Shoemaker, I am out of money too. But if his treatment works then I can get my life back. Gosh that would be so wonderful!!

    So that's the latest here...Hope to hear from u again..keep in touch.
  17. mommysisland

    mommysisland New Member


    What are they having you try from the QXCI? Is that kind of like NAET? Where you hold a device and they test you for different areas/substances? I think I did it, but I'm not sure. There's a fine mind for you!

    Have you seen Melissa Kaplan's site? She talks about most all of this stuff in a very intelligent way, (at least in my opinion). I was reading there the other day and thought of you, as she had chemical problems from an oil spill and you had the toxic mold. She is currently undergoing treatment for Lyme and has lots of info and a link to Dr. Shoemaker's site.

    I am waiting for my Hemex results on hypercoagulation right now, and trying the new memory drug Namenda. It makes me dizzy, but I''m thinking it might be helping w/thinking a little. We'll see.

    Hope you are seeing some progress!

  18. Yolapa

    Yolapa New Member

    I can't help much with the scores. I didn't take the test online. I took the hand-held version with one of my docs in Seattle- he was the one who let me know about Dr. Shoemaker's research.

    I never saw the scores, so I don't really know what the numbers mean, but I showed only a small deficit in one eye-not major, but enough to treat. When I took the DNA test, that showed susceptibility to the mold toxins, and after a couple months on the CSM, my deficit went away.

    I really think he's worth looking in to, especially if you know you've been exposed. Hope you're finding some answers!

  19. dmanto47

    dmanto47 New Member

    I posted about the QXCI on 2/28/04...you might look for it there or I think you can click on my name and it will take you to all of my post's. I am not sure if it is like the NAET ( hope I spelled it right) that you had or not. But it as I have said before difenitely has done something to my sinus and lung's..I am coughing up crud, going to talk to Dr. about this Tues.
    Hope you are less dizzy on medication..hope it works for you.

  20. Slayadragon

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    This is interesting information, but I'm still trying to figure out what I think.

    I took the visual test last night and did poorly on it.

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