Has anyone here had a Lignocaine Infusion????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by honey2, Feb 2, 2003.

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    Hi ya guys
    I havent been on the board for a while now and my user name was changed on me for reasons unknown so I've gone from being Honey to Honey2. I've got to redo my profile as soon as I get a chance, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and brillant New Year.........

    Was wondering has anyone here had a lignocaine infusion??
    I'm in the process of trying to get one done here in New Zealand, if all goes to plan and my doctor comes to the party who knows. My GP is very interested in this treatment (lignocaine infusion) to the point that he gave me a lignocaine injection in a muscle (butt lol) to see wether that helped my pain levels or not. Happy to say that yes it did and for at least 3 days. I'm not saying that my pain went altogether but it did lessen it on my left side. I have gotten to the point where driving the car is getting too much for me because of the pain and looking after my baby is getting more dificult which is really heart breaking.
    I'm just hoping and praying that my doctor agree's to give this treatment a go as I've run out of pain medication options according to my GP that is. He has refused to give me anything to help me for reasons he only knows but I'm hanging in there. If my GP agree's that we can try this treatment its then a matter in finding a hospital that agree's with my GP. The fight has only just begun but I'm going to give it all I've got at the moment its the only option I have.
    I'll keep you guys updated as soon as I hear anything

    Wishing you all pain free and happy days


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    hey lyn,
    I know this probably won't be of much use ........but anyway. I have myers cocktails which i now have injected intramuscularly becasue the intraveinous doesn't suit me much. Will you carry on having the lignocaine injected? or in a drip. I have magnesium, b-12, anf folic acid and also i had lignocaine on my first cocktail. The only thing i did notice which was what the doctor told me the next week was that when the lignocaine is put straight into the blood it acts a bit like a mild anasthetic, hence it made me feel quite weak and tired. So if you are having it in a drip dont be alarmed if you feel worse before better.
    At the moment i have had 4 injections and have four more to come but am at the stage where i think i am near to recovered so its often harder for me to tell when i feel well or not because my pain levels are much lower anyway.
    good luck with the lignocaine i hope it helps you.
    lou x
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    thanks for replying to my post, at the moment its a sit and wait game to see wether my GP is willing to try this treatment. At the moment I'm hoping for it to be done through the drip, its just a question of wether it can be done here in New Zealand and if yes then its a case of finding a hospital prepared to do it.
    I'll keep you update on my progress, thanks again for replying

    wishing you pain free and happy days