Has anyone here had lasik eye surgery?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hunterwillow, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. hunterwillow

    hunterwillow New Member

    I'm considering having lasik done to correct my nearsightedness and astigmatism. (my christmas present from my better half). I'm very nervous and would like some input from people other than those refered by the company where I'm having it done. Thanks in advance.
  2. MKlady

    MKlady New Member

    I've been very happy. I went from a -8 to near normal with only a bit of astigmatism left. Don't wear distance glasses at all, just drug store magnifiers for reading. No complications, although it took about a week for my vision to snap in after the surgery.

    Good luck!
  3. BethM

    BethM New Member

    I had Lasik done about 2 and a half years ago, and it is still a miracle! I do need mild reading glasses, although in bright light I can read without them, but I have 50 year old eyes, so that is no surprise. It's much preferable to wearing trifocals!!

    I had no complications, and excellent results, although my night vision is not great when I am tired. My night vision was never the best, even before Lasik, though.

    I went to a doctor considered the best of the best, paid a premium amount, but had no problems. The doc who did my eyes did Lasik on my optometrist. How much better of a referral can you ask for??

    Ask about rates of post op problems for whoever is going to do the work. That will give you an idea of their success rate.

    I have lifetime access to this group (TLC eye centers) at no cost to me if I have any problems related to the Lasik.

    It's scary, no doubt, but I have never regretted having had it done. I think the key is WHO does the surgery and the type of equipment used.

    Best to you,
  4. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    and she and her husband had it done
    a few years ago. Her results are perfect. His not quite as good but very good. They are both glad they had it done!
  5. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I had it done about 6 weeks ago and I love it! I have a frined who is an eyeDr and she referred the sugeon. It was a little freaky but only lasted a few seconds. I can see perfectly now unbeliveable I love it and I recovered very quickly! Lynn
  6. greenthumb

    greenthumb New Member

    Had lasik at 45 years of age and never regretted it. I only wish it had been available 20 years ago--I was as blind as a bat! At first I had astonishingly clear vision and then it began fluctuating a little for a couple of weeks. But it settled in to a wonderful 20/20 and I only use reading glasses when I do very up-close work, like pulling out sewing stitches.
  7. goaska29

    goaska29 New Member

    Everyone I know has had very good results with Lasik. A friend of mine had to get glasses again after, because his eye sight slowly worsened again, but not nearly as bad as before the Lasik. My brother is in the Army and they are paying for him to get it done...as he can't really go into combat as blind as he is and have to rely on glasses.

    My only reservation is this... a friend of mine's father performs Lasik on many many patients a year. He has not metioned any horrible complications, or even anything unsuccessful. But he has 3 sons and refuses to allow any of them to get it. He may just be a bit strange about it, or not want to pay for it (haha)...but it concerned me.

    But as far as I know, I have only heard good things about it.
  8. hehmommy

    hehmommy New Member

    My hubby had it done 2 years ago and he has had perfect vision since. He had really bad eyesight and was literally blind without his glasses. Now he can see perfect. He had the extensive surgery done where you don't get any halos or problems. It is more money, but worth it. I think he paid $5500 for both eyes to be done. He had it done by a doctor here in California that was one of the first to start all of this. I just suggest since these are your eyes only go to someone that really knows what they are doing and it is not worth saving a couple hundred dollars if they botch it up. Pay the extra money and have it done right the first time around. Go to someone that has been doing it for years and has a good record. I have known a few people that went to one of those places where it is like an assemble line and they bragged about how much money they saved and now they are back in glasses and having problems with Halos. Totally not worth it.

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