Has anyone here taken Celebrex?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by libra55, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. libra55

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    I am wondering if anyone on this board has ever taken Celebrex? It's a prescription med for arthritis but my rheumy gave it to me a while back for fibro symptoms, and I took it the way I was supposed to but honestly it didn't do much for the pain. I did tell him and he had me double the dosage and that still didn't do anything. Gosh, I don't want liver damage, the pain is bad enough.

    Do anyone else have any experience with this drug? Did it do you any good, or is just my body chemistry that is weird?

  2. mikkiel

    mikkiel New Member

    Yes, I have taken Celebrex. It really helped in the beginning(last year) when I just started the FM pain but for the last six months when the pain has gotten worse it hasn't helped. It's better for your stomach and kidneys than ibuprofen but if it doesn't work-why take it. I just take ibuprofen when the pain gets bad enough,it really helps but it's hard on the kidneys so I take it only when I have to. Sure wish Celebrex still worked!
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  3. tjlibby

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    Before I started Celebrex, I had a hard time walking. Thank God I can walk today. I take it twice a day. I think I take 400mg a day. I have taken it about 2 yrs. Good Luck..Teri
  4. MsSmurfy

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    Yep...I took Celebrex for awhile during my search for various resolve...To be honest, I never really noticed much affect from it...so I stopped....have also a great concern with Vioxx & Celebrex after hearing conflicting reports...especially the Vioxx...they state there 'may' be heart problems related to the use of Vioxx...when my mother_in_law suddenly dropped dead from heart failure...I believed such reports >>she was taking Vioxx never had a history of heart problems...so then I ceased the Celebrex on my on accord...Why take something that really gave no real result...do your homework...research ANYTHING you decide to take or treat your body with!
  5. Ahorsesoul

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    I took it for several months but did not notice much difference. One day I got up from bed and just fell over, hitting the wall. I tried to sit on the bed but would just fall over. I had no dizzness and did not even feel myself falling, until I would hit the bed, floor or wall. I sure felt that! It was really a strange feeling. I do have a friend who swears by the stuff but I flushed mine. Took three days before I could walk without falling over but still had to hang on to something. I do not think my body likes drugs. Like they say.....I just SAY NO! LOL
  6. aching

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    I took it for awhile and it did help some but not as much as arthrotec, so I went back to that. I only take it for a few days at a time when I feel really bad. It does help me feel better all over, especially when my bowel flares up and my dry eyes are bad.
  7. hurts2003

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    My Dr. put me on Celebrex when I was first diagnosed 4 1/2 yrs ago. That was the same time that everyone was dropping dead from taking it. My Dr. told me it was because they were taking too much of it, or was on other dx that the prescribing dr. didn't know about (going to 2 or more dr. and not telling all the facts). I took 1 a day for over a month then I took 2 a day for another 1 1/2 months. It didn't do me any good what so ever.
  8. bitter-sweet

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    I had tried Vioxx, and that worked for awhile then didn't, so I was being switched to Ultram. The neurologist added celebrex, but that gave me heartburn, so he switched me to Bextra. I've also tried Mobic. I can't say any of them are making a fantastic difference, but I went back to the Bextra, and I'm afraid to stop it in case it is doing something.
  9. badangel3

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    After Vioxx did nothing for me. The Celebrex helped some but I noticed after 2 month of taking 200mg daily, I begin to have a lot of kidney and bladder pain. I was tested for infection and there was none. As soon as I stopped the meds. The pain stopped. I tried it angain and the same thing happened plus it didn't work for the FMS. Jackie