Has anyone here tried

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  1. henry123

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    Has anyone here tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or even heard of it for fibromyagia?
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    EFT is "tapping" and supposed to impact your emotions which they claim cause all the problems. I have seen it mostly used for people with mental health problems, but I don't believe it has a high success rate for mental health problems. But now it is branching out supposedly as a cure all to other areas. It did not work for me, but you can try it. The problem is that with tapping it can get irritating, and when you have migraines or sinus problems and there is tapping in the head region, the tapping for me got outright painful. When you suffer with lupus flares, you have carpal tunnel, tapping can feel so irritating as to not be beneficial.

    Try it first to see how you do. Every person is different and every person has different ailments. The EMDR (the rapid light movement therapy) is another method, but because I get migraines and am sensitive to light, I was told I should never use the EMDR method.
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    You can see people doing the face tapping on Youtube.

    I can see know reason why it would work. Read a bit about it on line. General
    thought seems to be it works as a placebo or a distraction from the problem.

    That "follow the moving light" therapy sounds even more nonsensical.

    Have you tried EFT? I did; didn't do nothin'.

    Good luck