Has anyone lost heir sense of smell due to CFIDS or meds?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jolie, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. Jolie

    Jolie New Member

    Hello out there,

    I have lost most of my sense of smell starting about 9 months ago. I'm wondering if this is due to the disease, or due to one the meds that I am taking that effectst he brain, such as Soma, Klonopin, Unisom etc.

    Any comments.

    Good health and love to all,

  2. mapessd

    mapessd New Member

    I don't take , those meds but i have had a loss of smell for a long time now . Most of the time its gone but every once in a while it comes back. I work w/ handycaped kids and its nice not to smell them all the time .But there are times i can smell stuff and no one else can . There is one little boy who sometimes he has a rotten meat smell to him but the other gals i work with can't smell it (lucky them) I don't think any of us will ever figure out what all goes along with this DD So i guess we just take one day at a time and go with the flow
    Take good care of your self
    Hugs Sue
  3. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    At the very beginning of this DD I lost my sense of smell and I also have a hearing loss, TMJ, swollen glands, sore throat and lots of other stuff that can't be explain. I do smell clothes that I think are stinky when they come out of dryer but everyone else says that they do not smell anything.
    Most of the time I am glad that I cannot smell but I do wish I could hear what people are saying to me.
  4. Jolie

    Jolie New Member

    Thank you for your response.

    I lost my hearing when I was taking a moderate dose of Doxepin. My doc said at the the time that it could havee been the antibiotic, but when I went off of the Doxepin, my hearing came back completely. If you are on any meds, you might explore that

    Wishes for good health and love,

  5. TerriM

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    I'm not taking any drugs at this time, but I have the opposite thing . . . hypersensitive sense of smell . . . hmmm I had read a lot of people with CFS has a very "bionic" sense of smell . . . Terri
  6. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I have had this hearing loss for 7 years and it has been getting gradually worse each year.
    I am not on an antibiotic and I haven't been on one in years. I have not approached my doctor about the mycoplasma yet or asked to be put on antibiotics. I have been trying to do some research that I could show the doctor but there is so much on this, I do not know where to begin or if I should even approach my doctor about it.Thanks for the reply back. PS I have had several hearing tests over the years and each time it shows to be worse.
  7. Jolie

    Jolie New Member

    Dear Vickyb,

    I couldn't tell if your second response was asking me for advice on the subject of mycoplasma and antibiotics, so I'll give it to you assuming that's what you wanted:

    70% of CFIDS patients that are tested have mycoplasma infections. If I were you I would certainly get tested...but I think the tests are expensive.

    As far as treating it goes, if you do have mycoplasma....I've been trying to avoid Prof. Nicholson's heavy duty approach, but have realized that I cannot eradicate this mycoplasma infection without antibiotics.

    Dr. Paul Cheney feels that if you take Immunopro 2x daily, that will up your glutathione levels which will kill the mycoplasma,as well as other pathogens.

    Unfortunately, I am allergic to milk, which IMmunopro comes from, (and most CFIDS patients have many food allergies, so I could not go this route.

    I have read on the www.shasta.com support group site that those who took antibiotics for CFIDS had 80-100% recovery afer several years.

    But you have to be vey careful about replenishing your gut flora. You have to ahve a doctor who is very knowledgeable about the gut flora and willl get you on to the right probiotics and how to time them.

    Hope this is helpful.

    P.S. My joint pain has gotten much better since I went back onto antibiotics, but the first week it got much worse, due to die-off.