Has anyone moved to a warmer climate and experienced relief?

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    I know this may sound like a silly question, but I'm determined to move further south, to TN, in order to be able to survive this illness/disease that plagues me with such pain and fatigue.

    Has anyone moved to a warmer climate for the purpose of improving your symptoms, and experienced relief as a result? Was the relief short-term or is it still helping versus where you lived before? What climate did you live in versus what climate you live in now?

    I'm just curious. I would hate to move only to find out that the warmer climate still doesn't help my pains. It's a fear of mine that I'll never get the relief I so desperately need.

    Fight :)
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    I know for sure that i feel better when it is between 62 and 72 degrees out.....any hotter and i start to feel progressively worse, any colder and the pain increases a lot

    I have wanted to move for awhile, too, but so far have not really found anywhere that stays close to those temps and is affordable (& is not at a higher altitude)

    I looked into TN myself, but I had a friend who lived there for awhile & he said that they grow a lot of tobacco and that when the harvest it, they do something in the process that puts it in the air so bad that it's almost like you are around a ton of smokers.....for me, there is no way that I could tolerate that (asthma, allergies, MCS and CFS related breathing difficulties would make that a really big problem).....I don't know if that would bother you or not, but i thought I would tell you so that you know

    otherwise, TN could be a good place to live, health and finances wise

    personally I think that southern to central CA along the coast would be wonderful, as far as the weather and health are concerned (though southern CA does have a problem with fires, so that could present the same issues as TN)....CA is also beautiful, but unfortunately too expensive for someone on disability trying to make it alone

    ....other areas I have looked into with more moderate weather are Bend, OR and Prescott, AZ (both are at highish altitudes, though, so for me with the breathing issues, that could be bad - might not, but I have no way of knowing ahead of time).....have also looked into Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky - pretty, way less expensive, more moderate weather, but same problem with tobacco growing/harvesting

    ...and have been looking at the carolina's.....they can get too hot for me, but that lasts about 4 months and considering how many months of awful weather I have dealt with here, that doesn't sound too bad.....auusiewoman's idea sounds so great, too, but that would not help with the weather issue at all

    .....anyway, I just thought I'd share what I have learned so far since I have been trying to figure out a way and place to move to myself (I also really, really need to get out of the apt I am in - lots of problems.....but there is nothing around this area any better for the same or less cost and I cannot afford any more - this is already way more than I can really afford)[This Message was Edited on 01/25/2010]
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    Well, I was thinking about Memphis... my dad hates that I am chosing Memphis to live, out of all places. But then maybe in between Memphis and Nashville.

    The other idea was Ashville, NC. It's a great city and building in popularity, oops, I mean population, lol, same darn thing, right? lol!

    I think that if I can find a place in TN that doesn't have a lot of pollution, I can handle a little bit of it, just like I handle here, where I'm at.

    Isn't there a lot of pollution in Chicago, Hon?

    I'd like to find a small or decent town, either or.

    But, I've told my father I cannot stand this cold @ss weather anymore in WI.


    Anyway, thanks for sharing and venting with me. I'm sooooooooooooo sore all the time with this weather. My body doesn't get a break to relax with all of this cold weather, rainy weather, *nowy weather. I've had enough.

    My poor dad doesn't want his only daughter moving away, so he's being really nasty to me now in words, cutting on me, telling me how disappointed he is in me, all because he just doesn't want me to move away from him. I understand that part, but it gives him no right to be a jerk to me. So I told him off and said that I'm moving whether he likes it or not. So he wished me good luck and then said he wasn't coming over tomorrow. He's playing games with me now because he wants to discourage me about moving. Ugh!

    I do something for myself for a change, make up my own decisions, and my dad has a fit about it. He needs to let me have my independence for a change. If he's so sick of barrowing me money, then he should encourage me, not tell me I'm going to end up without a job there, living in some cardboard box, and that I should get rid of half of my stuff before moving there, ugh... as if I have way too much, lol. I have three rooms full of stuff, and that would easily fit in a two bedroom, or in storage if must be.

    He's just not wanting me to move.

    I told him I'll have to go down there a few times to establish a place to live and a possible job, as I think I might be able to work if I'm in a warmer climate. Then he assumes that I'm not going to research it on the internet first. Then he tells me I should get a job there before even visiting there to look for a job. I know he's just upset with my getting my independence and with him not being able to see me or talk with me every other day like he prefers to. Well, maybe I should be telling him what to do and how to live, like maybe... maybe he should get internet himself, and a computer too, lol, so he won't have a fit over me moving and can communicate with me through that, lol! Too bad he won't learn how to use the fric*en computers, lol.

    Fight :)

    P.S. I'm venting, but I'm praying that warmer weather will really help my body out... and doing what I love doing will also make it easier for me not to get so depressed over this illness of severe pain and fatigue. I'm so tired of shivering all of the time!!! You think he would be happy that I'm really trying to get independent and make a living on my own instead of relying on him all of the time... (and I'm tired of him complaining to family members about me all of the time...) I've had it, I'm moving!!!! I'm giving this poor frozen body a nice thaw! :)
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    He's just throwing a fit because he doesn't want his only daughter moving. He first complains about me barrowing him from him and not having a job. Then he complains about me desiring a job in a warmer climate, where there is also music I can write with other musicians, and it's too far away for him to drop in and visit me anytime.

    I'm actually the brat at times, because he's been supporting me, and I've had too hard of a time in this cold weather. However, (for many reasons) 1) he's acting out like this because he doesn't believe me, because I said I was going to work when I moved in with my cousin, and it's almost been a year and I cannot find a job, and I'm about to file disability because of how bad this weather is on me. There's nothing here for social work unless you have a Master's degree. Maybe there will be some down there, but I'll check it out on the internet before I head down there. 2) He's acting out because he thinks that I'll take care of him when he is unable to take care of himself. 3) I'm his one and only daughter. 4) Because he is afraid that if I'm not dependent on him anymore, he may feel lonely for his only daughter???? I'm not sure on this one. I've majored in social work and psychology, and I still am not sure. However, I do know that he likes to have control over EVERYTHING, EVERY SINGLE THING, that I do. He has to tell me how to do it, how not to do it, what to do, what not to do, he's always wanting to control. Down there, I'll be too hard for him to control. 5) And, he will miss me as well. He's use to me calling him up a few times a week, talking to him, and use to me visiting with him often. It scares him that I'm finally living my life the way I want and need to, without listening to how people say I should live my life. And I'm finally putting myself first in this family, as I've always been so concerned about others and how they're doing. It's about time I live my life the way I want and NEED to. I so much need to move to where it is at least 15 degrees warmer than here!!!! :)

    I know that what you say about moist weather is true for some, but I've actually done better if it is warmer humid weather, but yes, I can feel the storms coming in. Its hard to explain, but I do so well in the summer time, but this past summer here, there was only ONE WEEK of 80 degree weather. The rest of the summer was COLD!

    However, Tuscany is not a great place to write country songs, unfortunately. I want to be near Memphis and Nashville, whether that's in TN or Asheville, NC. But Tuscany does sound nice!

    You live in colder climate than Wisconsin??? This week the temps are reaching 10 below in Farenheit. The high will be possibly 25 degrees Farenheit, and that's on Sunday. The windchill is 10 to 15 degrees colder than the temperature due to the 15 - 20 mile per hour winds. Wisconsin is only good for those who can handle to live in some IGLOO!!! :)

    Thanks for your response and listening to me vent.

    Fight :)
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    It hurts that my dad is being such a jerk about this, as I'm so torn about moving, but I have to for my own sanity, for my own body, and for my goals and dreams. Its time I get my independence and live how I feel I should live. If he cuts me off, it doesn't matter, as I will either get a job, if I'm able to, or file disability. He can no longer control me. & I must do this for myself. I must think of me for a change. I've been too focused on everyone else and also what they want me to do.

    Fight :)
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    It says Aussiewoman as your name. I forgot where you live. I keep on thinking Austrailia because of the name, lol.

    Anyway, thanks, I really needed venting, and hearing what people think about moving to warmer climates for comfort with this darn Fibromyalgia and CFS.

    And I need the encouragement that I'm not getting from my father.
    He still doesn't believe my illnesses, my pain, the FMS and CFS. He thinks so negatively about me. Everything he says makes me sound like he thinks I'm worthless. Yet, everything I decide to do he bashes, and tells me what he knows I should be doing instead, and cuts on me if its not okay with him.

    He's not a bad guy, don't get me wrong, he just acts like a jerk when he feels fear... fear of losing control... fear of so many things that I quit keeping track of all his silly senseless paranoia.

    Fight :)
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  7. AuntTammie

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    vent away! it sounds like you certainly have reason to.....hard enough to contemplate such a big change w/o having him be so unsupportive......I'm sorry to hear he is being that way & I really hope that he will adjust and come around......you definitely need to do what is best for your health

    as to Chicago and pollution - yeah it is a bit polluted, but I am actually about an hour outside of the city, so it's fine here as far as that goes....I do definitely have a ton of allergies here and am pretty sure there is a mold issue in this apt (the mold is one of many reasons I want out of this apt).....I am allergic to so many things I know I won't ever get away from all my allergies, though, but there are definitely things that would make them worse and smoke is one of them - & if I were to move the point would be to make things as good as possible, not to keep the allergies I have and add to them ; )........ I do know that when I was out west (pre CFS, though) my allergies were WAY better, though (I have been almost everywhere along the CA and OR coast and in AZ.....well other places out west, too, but those are the places where I noticed I felt the best....I would actually be strongly considering moving to the OR coast, but it does not get much sunlight most of the yr and I am extremely sensitive to the sun - I mean I need it - I get really super depressed and more exhausted and achy when there is no sun)

    anyway, I was really just mentioning the stuff i learned about the various possible locations and the reasons that I would consider them (or would not) so that you had that info in case any of it would affect your decision.....if you don't have the same allergies, breathing issues, etc, then you can ignore what I said (I just know that I was very happy that my friend told me about the tobacco harvest thing, bc if I had moved there without knowing, I would have been very miserable.....and I wanted to save you from having that happen, if it would be a problem for you)

    anyway, regardless of what yo wind up doing, I really hope that your dad chills a bit about it....it's nice that he would miss you, but it is really immature and unhelpful the way that he is acting
  8. fight4acure

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    Tears are filled in my eyes right now, yet I'm so glad I've been understood, as I'm still trying to get over what he said to me. I don't want to say my dad is a bad guy, just that he's "acting" like one right now.

    I have thought about Arizona, like Aussiewoman was mentioning Tuscan. I remember when I went to TX years ago, in the northern part, I don't remember exactly where, as I was there visiting my uncle, with my family.. I got really ill with some flu. I was taken to the ER twice as I kept getting really high temps. The extreme heat in AZ and TX may not be good for me, but may be great for others, as I've heard that so many with arthritis have moved there and felt better.

    Florida would be extremely hard on me with all of the storms. I can handle humidity, but not 24/7. And it gets extremely hot down there.

    TN seems just right for me, especially because I want to write songs. Memphis is where I really want to go, I'm thinking, but my dad, he's goofy about things. It has to be OK with him. Ugh.

    Anyway, this is so hard, but I have to try it out.

    Thank you for understanding and saying the kind supportive words!

    I guess this post was not just asking about warmer weather, but also my needing to vent about how much crap I'm dealing with on top of having to decide what's right for me.

    I hope you find some place warmer than Chicago. I know that Chicago weather is not much different than the town I'm in, since we're only two hours apart, or less, depending on if I drive like an Illinois driver, ha ha! :)

    The last apartment I lived in had mold galore!!! I have pictures of it still! It was horrible! I told the city, but they did not care. I guess they get so piled up with complaints all of the time that they're use to blowing people off. I hope you can find a place that might be mold free or have very little mold.

    It's frustrating enough to move, let alone deal with this illness, and then to add someone who doesn't believe you're ill (my own father)... and then when I want to try to defy all of the odds and still try to work on my dream with this illness, that is when he cuts on me, and starts being a jerk to me.

    I'm still so upset at him. I swear my life could be one big soap opera gone-bad!

    thank you for your responses tonight. I'm finally relaxing and it sure helps to get support when I need it! & thank you Aussiewoman, as well!

    Fight :)
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    HI! Thanks for responding! I know this year has been unseasonably cold, but for the most part, TN is decent, isn't it? I'm hoping so, because I'm going to need some warm weather, not just one week like WI had this year. It was one of the coldest summers in a century I think.

    Thanks for letting me know that there is another current posting on this. I realize this has been mentioned in the past, but had I drug up the old posts, people who may no longer be responding on here might not answer, which is why I created another posting, because not only did I need to vent, but I wanted to ask more questions of those thinking of moving to warmer climates to help out our FMS &/or CFS pains and fatigue.

    Florida is really nice, but I'm afraid of hurricanes and tropical storms. Not only would they reek havoc on my whole body with the storms, but I might get too hot there. FL seems to me to be a really fun and pretty state, but I think I better not move there.

    I was thinking about checking out Chattanooga on my trip that I'm planning in a week or so, to see how nice of a town it is. How far of a drive is it to Memphis and Nashville? How many hours or minutes? Is it a really cute town that I assume it to be?

    What is the average temp there... oh wait, I can look at up... I know things haven't been good this past year with below avg. temps. But I'm so hoping I can withstand TN weather and appreciate that it's not the frozen tundra above Illinois, aka Wisconsin.

    I wish I had the answers too. The only way to find out I suppose is to plan a trip, go there, and see if the temps and weather agrees with us, right? I think I'll do that... in TN.

    I have to take 2 generic OTC Claritin meds to help my allergies. Most the allergies in the winter in WI is due to inside the house or buildings, the dust, pets, dander, and dirt... at least for me. But grass in the summer, during or after it is mowed, is my biggest allergy.

    Do you remember how you felt when you lived in FL?

    Fight :)

    Time for bed, I'll check back when I get up... thanks! :)
  10. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    I live close to Chattanooga, and I'm having a very hard time this winter with the cold. Two or three years ago (before all this trouble with the cold), I went to visit some family in St. Pete, FL in January. I had such a reduction in CFS/FMS symptoms! I soaked in the sun, and felt SO much better. I don't do well in heat, either, so I'd be a good snow-bird.

    I haven't ever noticed the tobacco problem. They must not grow it around here.

    I have read on this board how some have moved to a drier, warmer climate, like Arizona, and have felt better. Makes me want to start packing right this minute!

    Seems like the only time I can get warm is when I'm bundled under layers of blankets and my electric blanket on high (and even then, it takes an hour or more to stop shivering), or when I'm taking a fever bath. (LOVE those fever baths - the only time I feel WARM!)

    The week before last, I had my thyroid level checked, just in case, and of course it was within normal ranges. My iron was low, as was my Vit. D, so I'm taking supplements of those again.

    God bless!

  11. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    Hi Fight..... don't get me wrong, I love Tennessee - BUT I've lived here all my life, and I don't think I'd choose to move here on the basis of climate (there are other great reasons, though :).

    It's not the cold - it's the *dampness* of the cold. And I don't know how well you do heat but if you have ever lived in a warm climate, you know it's like they say - "It's not the heat but the humidity." Tennessee summers, like most of the Southeast, can be almost unbearably humid for months on end. Spring and fall are wonderful but very, very short - we almost seem to go directly from hot to cold, and cold to hot.

    That said, Tennessee is a wide state with very different geographical areas. If you are in an area of higher elevation - like the Cumberland Plateau or East TN near the Smokies, the summers are more comfortable but winters there are damp, windy and icy. If you're in the Nashville Basin area, winters are not bad but the air quality suffers during the summer (I'm not talking about tobacco, just normal city air which becomes stagnant due to the geography). Pollen counts all over the state make it a bad place for allergies.

    I currently live in Chattanooga - moved back here three years ago after about 25 years in the Nashville area. Both cities have a lot to offer - Chattanooga is a nice town and I like it here, but I LOVE Nashville and hope to eventually move back there. If there's anything more I can tell you first-hand about living in TN please let me know.

    Lee Ann
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  12. kbak

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    Hi All,
    When My mom was dying of cancer I was out in So. Calif. for about 6 mo. to help take care of her. I'll tell you that I felt so much better having that constant good, mild weather. So. Cal has the most perfect climate! The down side is it's insanely expensive to live out there, not to mention the 5 zillion people that live out there, making the traffic to me unbearable.
    I live in Wyoming, no traffic, barely any people, very inexpensive to live, and I'm freezing to death. It's a no win.

    Take care,
  13. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Yes, maybe it is not the best place for my body. I've been wondering a lot about this. But I have to move out of this horrible FROZEN TUNDRA, called Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin is like this.... cold, semi-cold, freezing cold, hypothermia cold, in the winter; and in the spring and fall it is cold, semi-cold, sometimes freezing cold, and luke warm. Forget about summers. I have come to believe that WI only has three seasons. And the worst part about WI is that the weather goes from luke warm to cold, every single day. I could handle it being just a little cold in the winter, versus FREEZING COLD and HYPOTHERMIA COLD.

    It takes me twenty minutes to warm my body back up after opening the door to let my cousin's dog in. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    One thing I need to know before moving down south. Do you all have basements down there in case of tornados? LOL! Sorry, I'm such a northern-er. lol! And I haven't traveled much because I got this illness at age 23, when I was broke, and I'm still broke, lol. A great country song to write and sing, LOL!

    Fight :)

  14. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Sounds like a good place for you, minus the pollution and traffic.

    Oh, my wonderful dad just showed up.

    Write more later!

    Fight :)
  15. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    Fight --- yikes --- I could NEVER live in Wisconsin!!!! It's 39 degrees here today and I'm freezing!

    Some houses have basements here but many do not. The odds of getting hit by a tornado are not really that great - I've seen them at a distance but in 55 years I've never actually been in one. Just stay out of trailer parks, lol!!!

    Lee Ann
  16. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    glad to help.....wish I could do more....and I do understand what it's like to have a dad who doesn't understand - mine does NOW, but it certainly took him a long time to get it.....I really do hope that your starts to come around soon, though

    It does sound like TN will be good for you....and personally I like the area a lot - it's just that smoke issue that would make it bad for me to live there.......when you write songs, are they for an instrument or vocal or both? I've never written music but I used to play the trumpet and I used to love to write poetry - unfortunately that is somethign that CFS seems to have taken away - the words just don't come out rt

    oh, and just to clarify, as to AZ, I agree that the southern part gets way, way too hot....the northern part is quite different, though - some parts can actually get quite cold......the part that I mentioned I had considered moving to, though, is Prescott - it is where the mountains meet the dessert and the result is actually a pretty moderate climate - they get some snow, but not brutal cold & from what i read, it never really sticks around, and they do get some really warm weather, but not the extreme heat of southern AZ....Bend, OR (center of the state) has the same type of thing (mountains meeting dessert)
  17. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I sat him in front of my computer and got him asking to see youtube songs, of hits long ago. He just loved it. It's a way to get him to calm down about losing me to another state, lol. We're on good terms, for now anyway, LOL! It won't last long when I have to barrow to get down there though. Hopefully though, I'll find a job down there.

    Yes, the winters are horrible here. Some stupid people here love the winters though, lol, or maybe those in no pain.

    Fight :)
  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Well, I think my dad has lightened up some for now... until he sees me moving, then it will hit him again of not wanting me to move.

    Tornados have come through WI and often, but usually in the south-western part of WI, so I'm not too worried. I've seen two twin twisters side-by-side when I was working security at a site that was being constructed as a nursing home and needed security there. When the lightening struck, I could see them both, just a mile south of me, and they were not that big, but still were pretty damaging, and tore up a lot of the property's aluminum siding and threw around some of the chairs on the back deck/porch area, and some of the plants out in front. That's the closest I've been to tornados. I remember there have been a lot in WI, and some pretty damaging, but never came as close as that one did. I was scared, but not too scared, as I really enjoy watching tornados, if I can stay awake enough.

    Did you know that whenever there's a tornado coming within 50 miles of me, I get so tired, out of breath, and I just pass out sleeping anywhere? LOL! It's sort of comical because I love to stay up to watch tornados, and if I don't hear anything on the news about them or hear a warning, I'll fall asleep before it comes through or somewhat near where I live.

    But, I wouldn't want to be where I couldn't go down in the basement. At least at this ground level nursing home, there was a shower/tub area all made of ceramic tiles that was a decent place to find protection in case of a tornado. No glass around in that shower/tub area. So I knew if I needed to hide, I could get there in seconds. As long as I know which houses or apartment buildings that have basements in TN, I'll be fine. But I am not use to not having basements, lol.

    Do you know of the website that is best for looking for jobs there in TN? Are there a few good ones? And, what are the names of the main newspapers down there, so that I could try to look them up online to see about job postings. I'm going to give it a shot, and try working again, but this time it will be in warmer weather than the Cold Tundra!

    Fight :)
  19. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    You calmed me down enough, as well as did Aussiewoman, to relax my mind and then get to bed. Thank you! Then I was able to get my dad into being nice again by having him ask me to show him old country tunes and old fogey music on the internet, youtube, lol.

    I just wrote a song that is hillarious about old fogey music, that's why I'm laughing, lol. Well, the lyrics so far, and I still have to fix it up a little more and then I'm going to add some piano notes to it, and other ideas of other music, such as the banjo and possibly the harmonica. Besides a piano, I have a keyboard that plays several different instruments.

    I'm not too fond of hearing about smoke, but I've put up with working in factories and foundaries, and survived so far with pollution. Being that I feel this compelling urge to move to TN, I better give it a try, as it is my goal and dream to write songs. I'll just be so glad it will be 15 - 25 degrees warmer!!!!

    Where is Prescott? Is that Indiana? I haven't traveled much, can you tell?

    Let me know if and when you decide to move somewhere warm. We could all use better climates to live in, that's for sure. It's hard enough surviving this illness, let alone being tortured by weather and such.

    Fight :)
  20. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    "Take me home, country roads, to the place I belong, West Virginia, Mountain Mama, take me home, country roads." I love that song! Was that Willie Nelson who sang that? My mind is cloudy, lol.


    I looked up this area, I know it's a bit north of you, but it was the best map I could find, to find out where Alberta is in relation to the US. Looks like you have about the same cold winters and about the same cold summers as WI. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisconsin

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madison,_Wisconsin (It says:)
    Madison, and all of southern Wisconsin, has a temperate climate, or more specifically, a humid continental climate (Köppen: Dfb), characterized by variable weather patterns and a large seasonal temperature variance—winters see temperatures well below freezing, with moderate to occasionally very heavy snowfall; high temperatures in summer often reach the upper 80s to 90s °F (26 to 32 °C) and very high humidity levels are not uncommon.

    The area you're in is semi-arid, so I guess that means less humid.

    Looks like similar temps there as here, but more rainfall during the summer months for your area, even though it is less humid.

    I heard something on the TV yesterday that people below a mountain are called "foot-hillers." I laughed, because how in the world do they come up with these names??? LOL!

    I'm not sure what I'm called, other than a country girl, because I grew up in the country, or maybe I'm a transplanted country gal. Don't know what the southerners call us Northerners, but I guess I'll find out.

    Tammie didn't comment on the sarcastic Illinois driver comment I threw in there. Or maybe she just rolled her eyes, lol. Wisconsin loves to pick on Illinois any chance we get. Some call them flat landers, yet Wisconsin isn't that hilly to even pick on Illinois. Now I'm going down south to TN and am going to call them all ... well... maybe I should bit my tongue... lol... but some others have mentioned that I'm going to become a Hill-Billy! I smile and say, yep, but at least a WARM one, lol!

    We get a ton of drastic changes in the weather in WI. One day there will be *now on the ground, covered in 15 inches (which isn't much at all in this area), and the next day there will be 50 degree weather, attempting to melt it all away, but it only goes down a few inches, then it goes back to below zero within a week's time... and that's Farenheit temps.

    We get a handful of *now blizzards on and off throughout the winter. The freezing cold damp winter that freezes your eyes open in seconds, that I cannot stand anymore.

    How do you handle the cold and the wind? What's southern AB? Is that Alberta where you said you live? The initials throw me off a bit.

    Fight :)

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