Has anyone noticed more PAIN when December rolled around?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. I am hurting like the dickens. It was like a switch turned on. We had been having decent weather until Dec. hit and now OMG, then the cold hit and...... FLARE BIG TIME !
  2. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    My pain has increased and sleep decreased. Not a good combination.

    I think for me the main thing is the winter weather setting in now that it is December and so cold. The other probably increased stress at home for several reasons, but Christmas coming doesn't help.

    Winter used to be my favorite season! Not now, I am not sure I have one now. I would definitely like to see warmer weather so I don't dread going outside.

    Take care and kitten hugs,
    Blessed Be,

  3. springlakeorphan

    springlakeorphan New Member

    One more to add to your list. December 1st,I had my first MAJOR FLARE in 6-8 months. The cold also stiffens me and adds pain in joints that normally don't bother me.
    I cannot put my paints on without help and mo longer wear shoes that tie.UUG boots for warmth in the snow and furry slippers in side the house.
    Try to stay warm sweetie.And avoid stress like the plaig!!
  4. Maribelle

    Maribelle New Member

    Hi Fibrobutterfly:

    I am a big flare right now. I can hardly type. All my
    joints hurt and my body aches like crazy. I live in Dallas
    Tx., and we just recently had a ice storm! The day before
    is was hot/humid and in the high 70's.

    I hurt more this year than last year too. I am a mess but
    still trying to work and function. My fatique is way up
    there too.

    I now have next to my bed a large heating pad, extra
    heater and a brand new double-headed body messager. It
    has heat and it feels great. The only problem is that
    I message so much that I bruise myself...this is not

    Thanks for bringing up the subject. I am not alone I see.
    Everyone still warm!

  5. I just can't believe the difference a day makes, I was doing soooo good and now I am stiffer than ever, and hurting. DARN IT!
  6. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    Had been doing moderately well for awhile and right after the holidays... IT"S BACK!!! granted not as bad as it can be but definately back to the low end of severe pain.
  7. suzannekart

    suzannekart New Member

    We live in the Oregon coast area and I notice when the weather changes here day to day my pain increases. We will have beautiful sunny days and the next is rainy. It seems to be the time between the two when it is in the transition from one to another is when I am the worst. I also think Dec. has to be the mother of all times of stress! I sometimes wish I had the money to just have someone do all the extras this month demands.
  8. chloeuk

    chloeuk New Member

    I live in Brisbane Australia and summer begins in december, the weather here is very hot in summer and very mild in winter, my symptoms started in summer last year and seem slightly worse now as the weather has become hotter.
  9. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    I have felt quite good and wondered where my flairs went, but as December came around the corner- I got sick and achy as crap!! Voila!

    Achy hugs to all!! Gently now,,,ouch!
  10. simplyhurting

    simplyhurting New Member

    Heck, yes! This December is worse than the last. Everything hurts and nothing but warmth helps. Haven't checked the barometric pressure, lately. Don't think the cold is the sole factor in aggravating the pain

  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Glad to hear that I'm not alone!!!! I was getting depressed.

    I haven't hurt like this in a couple of years!

    Saw the post on capsacian. I'm going to the chiro tomorrow and am going to try to remember to buy soem cream.

    No one wants to come to my house. They say it's hot. Anyone else freezing?

  12. cbs1234

    cbs1234 New Member

    4 straight years of December relapses
  13. Alot of fibro patients hurt more in the summer, but 8 out of 10 hurt more in the winter. THAT'S ME! OMG! Every joint in my body is screaming in pain and STIFF!
  14. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    I am in sooo much pain in the morning. Thought I had arthritis. I feel the same when it rains. Joints are stiff all over. Can't move my arms, shoulders and can't get up out of the bed. I have urine incontinence so going to the bathroom is a must. I just have to hold it till my MScontin and Vicodin kicks in. I think I am not going to make it one morning.
  15. Lalania1970

    Lalania1970 New Member

    I live on the Oregon Coast and the weather change is playing heck with my body. Most people dont see much of a weather change here, besides rain. The temp stays about the same maybe 10 degrees different but man my body is saying different. I have always been able to tell when it is going to rain or get really cold due to arthritis in my knee but I dont know about this fibro stuff. I have had it for years and this year is the worse on me. I hurt so darn bad I am taking more and more pain meds(which I am tired of taking) and dont want to get up. There needs to be a place on earth that has the same weather/temp all year for us people. :))))
  16. OlWolf

    OlWolf New Member

    Oh, Geeze, yes! We haven't had snow yet, but when those iced-water rains came through I could hardly move! Stiff and achey all over, and sharp pain in back, hips, knees, and ankles. Just getting up to go to the bathroom brought a cry of pain, a swimming head from the jolt, and nausea from the swimming head! It's now got my bio-clock all switched around - just after I got it straightened out again!
  17. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    I posted earlier; I mentioned that I don't have FM or CFS but I do have other problems. I fell many years ago, and finally had back surgery about 8 years ago. People said I would be sorry, not really, but just in last last year, I think that when the weather starts to change from hot to cold or dry to wet I start to hurt in my lower back/hip (left side) all the way down to my foot. Usually have to sit on a heating pad.
  18. roseylisa

    roseylisa New Member

    Definitely worse right now. Started in November. I think women like us stress more over the holidays and the combination of cold weather makes it worse.
  19. I agree with all Dec. brings with the holidays for women having extra work.
    AND this year the weather is so weird , I notice I hurt when the weather changes drastically.
  20. sandyL

    sandyL New Member

    Hi everyone

    In December I started aching , when the temperature would go down, however our weather was unusually warm,

    brrrr but now its in the 50's during the day and my knees hurt, my arms and my nerves in my back and like stinging, I really really hate january,,Im like creeping around trying not to pull anything,,

    happy and a healthy new year to you,,


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