has anyone out there been toxic from the antibiotics?

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    I became really ill before Christmas, down in bed, ill. I finally got to talk to my Doctor, who is in Calif. He said it sounded like I was toxic and needed to detox. He told me the website where to order the products I needed for that. He also is sending me to a naturopath in
    Tigard, Oregon, about three hours away. She specializes in Lyme. I am going to be glad to see someone, this not having a Doctor close is awful. My Doctor is so hard to reach and it takes forever for them to get back to you. I undestand they are busy, but when you are really sick and need help, that doesn't matter.
    I have taken antibiotics since October and have at times, cut back on them. I cannot take the dose prescribed. Before Christmas I got so sick with acid reflux and stomach problems, it really scared me. I am still not sure that I will ever go back on the antibiotics. Now, I am thinking I won't.
    I have an appt in Tigard on the 7th. I don't know where I will go from here.
    I am feeling some better, I have been off the antibiotics for a couple of weeks now. I would love to hear from someone else who has had to detox.
    Thanks so much,