has anyone overcame candida??

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    and how did u do it??any info is greatly appreciated..
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    Yes, I overcame systemic candiasis--

    I used Berberine Complex (as I could not tolerate the RX antifungals Nystatin, and Diflucan--besides there are problems with those. I will attach info below)

    Berberine Complex kills the yeast--(Candida)
    , It works systemically (all over your body)

    Berberine Complex is Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)
    Oregon Grape (Berberis aquifolium) and Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis) It comes in tablet form.

    I also at the same time replaced beneficial flora in gut with probiotics with Bifidobacteria and Acidophilus (must keep refrigerated to keep the flora alive).

    Best Wishes--This works. LL
    Below is the bad news about RX antifungals and there limitations:

    Diflucan and Nystatin are very different in their
    action. Diflucan is a systemic anti-fungal that
    reaches the yeast mainly by way of the blood stream.
    Although swallowed, most Diflucan is absorbed into the
    blood stream through the intestine wall and works
    systemically. Unfortunately, very little remains in
    the intestine, so intestinal Candida may be supressed
    but will not be eradicated by Diflucan.
    Nystatin is actually extracted from bacteria and does
    not pass through the intestinal walls. It therefore
    remains in the intestines at full concentration. If
    used simultaneously in both mouthwash and tablets
    form, Nystatin will kill off GI candida from the mouth
    to the anus, but will not affect any Candida outside
    the GI tract.

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    I don't think I have gotten rid of it entirely, but I have it well under control.

    * Diet - avoid carbs and sugars of all kinds (I use Atkins Diet as baseline guidance) and stay away from fermented or picked, yeasty foods such as pickles, olives, vinegars, etc. This is the most important thing you can do.

    * Grapefruit seet extract - I take 2 capsules each day, 12 hours apart.

    * Diflucan - has been a help in the past. I don't take it now.

    * Oxygen - I oxygenate my bathwater; I drink superoxygenated water; I apply ozone to the insides of my ears.

    These things, some of which may sound over the edge, all work for me, and I haven't had a candida outbreak for over a year.