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    My husband and I had to file bankruptcy because of my illness in 2002. We had a horrible attorney and later had our case dismissed because of unethical behavior by this attorney. We had to refile in 2004. Our payments were increased greatly because of old creditors coming out of the woodwork after the filing. We are always on the verge of losing our house. It is difficult.

    I am writing to get some advice from those who have overcome bankruptcy due to this DD. Any words of encouragement or advice would be helpful.

    Oh, fyi, that attorney was suspended. He had cheated MANY other filers too.
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    Thomas Jefferson did!!!... Seven times i believe it was!
    And, i've been to his Est. a few times!!... I'd say he did more than just overcome it.

    Hope you can find a good attorney... thats half the battle!

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    Been 3yrs since we went BR,its been a long crawl up out of it.We were just beginning to get back on our feet,when the DD finally did me in.
    I can no longer work.And I'm trying for Disability.We lost so much.And it doesnt look good for us to ever get a head.
    But I pray for guidance thru it all.
    Good luck to you!!
    Take Care
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    you may have just filed total complete chapter 7..i think igot that one right...

    bu there will be a light to the end of the tunnel...just keep your payments on time...electronic debit may help to keep the payment history current...

    read a suzi orman book any of them...

    and yes i have filed...really didn't need to...but in hind sight it was coming..,divorce, single parent and no chilod support...

    i got the short end of it...anyways..

    mine will be totally discharged next year..if i was still married or lived in a cheaper cost of living area...i may have had a house purcheased by now...
    but that isn't the case from mre...

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    I am slowly recovering, I filed in September of last year and my debts discharge early March and so the only bill that I have is my ER bill which sucks to have but I am glad that it is only one bill.

    I have been working on rebuiding my credit, I was able to get a checking account, got a credit card today with no fees, and bought a cell phone with no required deposit. So every few months I apply for something new and just try to rebuild my credit. It will take time but it will get better each year.

    I feel like just a large load is off of my shoulders when I filed, and the creditor calls stopped and it was finally quiet in my home.

    There is nothing like that feeling of relief. In another 6 months or so I will start to do some more cleaning up for items that are not listing correctly on my credit report.

    Many hugs,
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    While BK is the only way out for some, it is not the answer for all. BK 7 wipes out all of your debt with a few exceptions, BK 13 is reorganizing your debt, working with your creditors.

    There are alot of agencies that will help you reduce your monthly debt without filing BK. Check your options. Make sure that BK is your only way out. For some, it is and they have no choice. That is why we have Bankruptcy. It's just not as easy as people think to rebuild their credit. Do your research. And yes, after you file it won't be long before credit is once again at your fingertips...but at what price? A new car at 18% APR is pretty scary. I have been in the lending field for over 25 years and I can tell you, I've seen it all when it comes to credit.

    Again, check your options before making this decision. Make sure that BK is the right and only choice you have.

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    I filed in 2001 and for the past year I have been getting offers to get credit cards so I guess my credit is good again. I did fill out an app for a major credit card and I got approved.
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    Who had a daughter 4 with cancer a sick husband used credit cards to live on.........They wound up 60,000.00 in CC dept and no way out.............They went to a credit counceling service and were able to lower the interest rates on most cards to 2% ..............took her 5 yrs but now out of dept with a very good credit rating and doing great..............

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    and have been discharged. i am soo careful with money but hub didnt tell me he was having probs until it was too late and it was all we could do.

    i am still paying the debt that couldnt be included, am not happy about it but we get by.
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    It can be done! 16 years ago I had to file and let me tell you I thought I wouldn't ever be able to buy a car, or house or anything!! Well, after getting credit help from the credit union and meeting my husband, we now have a credit score in the high 800's. it took time but just accept this as a learning exerience and go one day at a time..You are not a failure!
    I was so embarrassed to let anyone one know I had filed...but do your best and get free help with budgeting. Write down every purchase, don't keep secrets from each other, use coupons, get rid of the cell phone, cable tv, anything that if you had a fire tomorrow..what can you live with out..It is really hard but sacrifices have to be made..
    Attorneys...we love to hate them..It is a shame you got hurt from this man...I found a great one when I talked with the local credit help line....don't give up!!!!! 10 years from now You can make it!
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    All of your words were encouraging. We are soooo close to getting discharged. We see now that we should never have filed. Our financial situation was not that bad. The bankruptcy, however, made the situation worse.

    My husband is the one who has the extreme faith in this situation. I feel hopeless some days.But hearing how many of you made it out has encouraged me.

  12. OWWEE

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    You might try creditboards.com. they have a lot of info there on all kinds of credits issues, BK and rebuilding credit. If you have to, you have to. It is not illegal; on the contrary, it is a lawful action and you are entitled to a fresh start. I had to when this disease got so back I knew I would not be able to work anymore. I am not working on rebuilding since at the present I have no income. Live in a noncommunity property state with 100% homestead protection (prior to new BK laws in 10/05) and we had always kept separate accounts so husband not affected and house not affected. I can't blame anyone but myself, I kept struggling to keep going, but I think if I could have gotten a good diagnosis years back when this began and learned about it then, I would have had better insight for the future, instead of struggling and thinking I would get better.
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    We did- and was discharge last year! but with myself being really sick - starting in 2003, it has taken a toll on us-- I'm still working, but it is hard.