Has Anyone Read Post Secrets books by Frank Warren?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Has anyone read these books? They are a compilation of postcards, which he left in random places, asking people to anonymously tell their deepest, darkest secret and mail it. He published these in a book and it is an astounding read. Some of the postcards are humorous, some sad, some embellished with enlightening drawings. So many people have gone through so much turmoil and it really forces you to think. These books are a very quick read but a real eye opener. I highly recommend these books. If any of you have read them, what were your thoughts? Oh, and by the way, Frank Warren has a postcard blogspot, updated every Sunday. Fascinating stuff.

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    at Postsecret.com for years! Love it! The range of secrets is truly astonishing. It's fascinating to consider that we are really such mysteries to each other. And, also, that so many of our deepest secrets are shared by all.

    Did you know that people have taken to putting postcard secrets in the books, too.

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    Hi, Laura and Rafiki.

    I did the latest one of these (A Lifetime of Secrets?) and found it engrossing. Each postcard and illustration was like the tip of the iceberg and revealed a whole story beneath. What remarkable secrets people have, every one of us. Whatever secret we have, someone, somewhere, probably has the same secret. And there must be something cathartic about releasing the secret to the world, even if it's anonymous. I guess I can't be too anyonmous on here, since my last name is in my username!

    Rafiki, I'll have to check out his website.


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    Nice to bump into you. I haven't seen a game in a long while:~( Any plans? :~)

    Very foggy today but I second everything you said about Post Secret!

    Peace to you,