Has anyone ready the book "Crazy" by Pete Earley

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. ckball

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    I admit I am not a book reader, it is very hard for me to sit and read for long periods of time, either my attention span or my dogs are interrupting me.

    As a part of my indoctrination to be on the Board of Directors for the foundation I have become a part of, it is required reading.

    So I was wondering if anyone here has read it? I plan on buying it this week. You can read the first chapter on line at Pete Early's website. He is a award winning writer for the Washington Post.

    It is about his journey with his Bi-Polar son who could not get treatment, then ended up in jail because he was in a manic state and committed a crime.

    Early spent a year inside the Miami Dade County Jail talking to immates and researching the healthcare system to see why the mental health care system is failing in todays world. Carla

  2. jmq

    jmq New Member

    its all true.

  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I Have'nt Read this book,,,But will definetly look into it as i believe my sister has a Bipolar disorder,,,this would shed some light on the subject!,,,,Thanks for Mentioning it!
  4. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    No, I haven't read it. But I may order it since I do have a daughter in law with bipolar disorder.
    Thnks for the heads up!

    Take Care!

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