Has Anyone Seen Joseph H. Brewer, M.D. --Kansas City, MO for CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by smalone, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. smalone

    smalone New Member

    Just wondered if anyone has used Joseph H. Brewer, M.D.
    from Kansas City, Mo for CFS? Would it be worth a 6 hour trip to see him? My fatige, swollen glands, etc. has gotten so bad, I have to do something.
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  2. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I have not, but I know he has a good reputation as an FM doctor. I also know it takes a very long time to get in to see him, you will probably wait months.

    Depending on what you are looking for, a Dr. Steve Simon in Overland Park is on the co-cure good doctor list you can pull up on this site; I haven't seen him, but others here have & like him; I see another doc in that practice (physical medicine) for unrelated issues that I like, but I know Steve Simon is the one people go to for FM. I don't think it'll take as long to get in to see him.

    A Dr. Debra Smithson is on that list, too, in Lee's Summit; however she isn't accepting new FM/CFS patients (hasn't been for at least 2 years that I know of) but the "good doc list" people won't update that list (I've e-mailed them about it) so her name still appears.

    I don't know anything about Dr. Brewer other than that he is hard to get in to see & has the reputation---could be worth the wait, though! We have a few Kansas city folks here, so hopefully someone here who's seen him will respond!

  3. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    I see Dr.J.E. Block from Coffeyville,Kansas. He is very kind and doesn't overlook or discount anything you tell him. On Wed. I also see Dr. Jack Wise,a naturopathic endocrinologist from Tulsa. I think you will like both of these guys. They are the ones who diagnosed me with LYme after having "CFS" for nearly 17 yrs.

    More info in my bio and in the CFS Chocker posts(misdiagnosed is the first). Several of us are treating with a natural produck and are having good results. Daneen
  4. caressmi2

    caressmi2 New Member

    Both are excellent doctors. Dr Brewer is a specialist and I was sent to him by Dr Smithson to confirm her diagnosis of CFS/Fibromyalgia, and yes, he said I was one of the unfortunate ones that actually have both. I have not been back to see him in years and now he doesn't see new patients. Dr. Debra Smithson retired this past year for unknown reasons, which has caused a lot of heartsick patients to feel lost and alone. I do hope her health is ok, tho. Miss her terribly. She was kind, caring, and listened and understood and wasn't afraid to treat her patients as she saw fit. Her replacement Dr. Christine Bruner on the other hand doesn't want to continue the treatment Dr Smithson had me on for years that was at least making my life worth living...God Bless Dr Smithson and I pray we will find someone to fill her shoes very soon because I cannot continue with this much pain...

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