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  1. tanu

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    Hi,How does this work.Which FFC doctor have you been most satisfied with.How does the payment go.Do you have to start all over with the payment?Do you have to be retested?

    LISALOO New Member

    I'm thinking about switching, worse with Cleveland, thinking about moving to Detroit. So I'm also interested, I know some people who got better treatment at other offices.
  3. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    Hi Tanu,
    As I've mentioned in another post to you, I switched due to location. What they did was just send all of my records to the new FFC. I did not have to be retested unless a specific thing was being monitored, like ongoing liver monitor, or tweaking my thyroid meds. As I mentioned before, I did get re-tested for Lyme. The original Quest testing was negative. When I switched FFC locations, I got re-tested for Lyme with Igenex, which did come up positive.

    Also, the Dr. from the first FFC and the second FFC conferenced together, going over my history, symptoms, treatment and progress thus far. That was very helpful to me.

    You should be able to just pick up with the payments at the point where you left off and not have to pay again for a "first" visit.

    Good luck.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    to Texas . I have to pay a " first visit " fee again
    according to the office . That is $ 360 . That is a huge turn off to me .

    I was also diagnosed w/ lyme w/ Igenex test .
    I plan to switch to a lyme specialist .

    I do believe the FFC 's help some people . Unfortunately , their costs seem exorbitant to me .

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