Has anyone taken a Pulmonary breathing test??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mastersinger, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. mastersinger

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    I took a pulmonary breathing test last friday. I had a albuterol breathing machine in between breaths of before and after. Anyway, the dr. looked at the results and said I had small airway disease. He said to keep on both of my inhalers-one which is albuterol,and use them whenever i needed to. I had not been on my advair as much prior to the test. I should say he said to use Advair twice a day-one puff. I have not slept well over the last week, and have become more anxious. Does anyone else use these inhalers and diagnosed with this? The dr. didn't have much time to explain everything and I didn't think to ask. I am on blood pr. medication-Verapimil so can't take all inhalers. I don't think I have had the mysoplasma test.Also, wondered if this disease is something I have always had-had many panic attacks few years ago. Wondering. Mastersinger
  2. Mikie

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    I took this test once and was diagnosed with asthma while living in Colorado. I don't have asthma here in Florida.

    I did think I was going to pass out they made me huff and puff so hard.

    Love, Mikie
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    a methacholine challenge? I had that which finally diagnosed my asthma several years ago. I use Serevent and Flovent every day for preventive meds, and have albuterol for rescue if I ever should need it.
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    I also had this test done. They said asthma. use Advair twice a day.The more I read about Mikie and Florida the more I want to move there. I have a friend in Ft lauder Dale that keeps asking me to move .Maybe I will after all.
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    taken this same test with the same end results of small airway asthma. I also have Mitral valve regurge (gives me palpitations and tacycardia) so I don't use broncodialators unless rescue (which doesn't happen much). I use Pulmicort (corticosteroid inhaler) and Singulair pills at night. I also take verapamil--maybe this is why some inhalers bother me. I used Maxair and seems like my heart was beating funny and very anxious. I have a nubulizer (don't use it much) and the dr gave me Xopenex. It is much milder than albuterol. I could not use Seravent or Advair (got me too shaky). I am very hypersensitive to meds and chemicals with FM/CFS so this is a problem with my asthma. Mastersinger--what did the drs tell you about verapamil and inhalers? I know taking a beta blocker is bad with asthma, although I take a dot dose of one, when I started getting the shakes last year. But verapamil is a calcium channel blocker--different kind of med. Just curious???
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    Hi! Thanks for the response. I have gone to too many doctors, and am trying to get things tied up under somewhat one roof. No one mentioned anything about being on verapamil and inhalers. Actually I have been on verapamil for close to 7 years or so, and inhalers, much less. I have had chronic bronchitis for years, and thus, got put on an inhaler 2 years ago. It did help. then I got on advair last year-felt it helped also. I have a nebulizer-but don't use it as often. I must ask the Internist about this deal with the verapamil. Sounds like I probably need something else, so I don't rely on the albuterol. I am starting to level out some,as I was on 4 puffs of advair a day, while having bronchitis a few weeks ago. Then before the breathing test, I got off advair for over a day, and think things went wierd. Also, I don't do as well on foggy type days. Thanks for your reply. Nice to know someone else who is going through this too. Just remembered-Verapamil is a channel blocker. Not so sure it has kept my blood pr down that great, but i need to lose some weight and exercise-Vicious cycle! I first started on Verapamil for my headaches-has helped some.. Mastersinger
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