Has anyone taken Florinef

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    Hello everyone,
    Has anyone taken Florinef (Fludrocortisone). My Dr. has put me on this to raise my blood pressure and said it has been helpful for people with CFS. Just wondering if anyone has had any side effects from this medicine. And if you have found it helpful by taking this. Thanks for your time. I am new to the boards and have really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts. It really helps to know there are people who understand what you are going through.
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    Ricky????? Is that you?????
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    Hi Stonesfan49,

    Sorry this is not Ricky.

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    Before you start taking anything to increase your blood pressure, I would suggest that you take your blood pressure every hour on the day and average the day. Also keep track of the highest and lowest readings. This will help you determine if what you are taking is helping. If your average is above about 120/80 or your lowest readings are above about 92/64, then I would be very cautious about trying to raise your blood pressure.

    Although those readings and readings quit a bit below those readings do not normally cause a healthy person any problems, they can cause someone with CFS to have dizzy spells and possibly increase fatigue.

    At one time I took Florinef and it caused severe headaches. If you haven't tried other options, I suggest that you try those before trying prescription drugs such as the following.

    1. Increase salt intake.
    2. Use suppliments such as Pro Health Addrenal Energy which can also raise blood pressure.

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    Thanks for the comments regarding the blood pressure medication. I really appreciate all the information.
    Thanks Again!
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    Istarted out on 0.025 mg. a day and gradually increased it to 0.15 mg in the morning and 0.1 at lunch. In addition I take Proamatine, which is a vasoconstrictor, and Toprol, a Beta blocker. As soon as I run out of Toprol I will be switching to Inderal.

    My doc has been having me increase and change some of this recently, wince I tested positive on a tilt table test. I think he didn't realize how bad off I was. It's not that I din't tell him, but with all the stuff we have to discuss at each visit sometimes it got pushed to the back. He looked at the BP numbers and figured I was doing better. Well, I am better, I can sit up for about as long as I want, but standing is still greatly limited.

    Good luck with this treatment.