Has anyone taken Pro Heath's Mega Green Tea for weight loss?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Sep 26, 2008.

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    I just received my Pro Health Magazine yesterday and was thinking about trying the Mega Green Tea with EGCG for weight loss.

    As FM patients, I know many of us struggle with weight gain either from meds, inability to exercise, weight gain from chronic pain and etc.

    I never had a weight problem until I started taking antidepressants back in the later 90's and early 2000. I gained a lot of weight from Paxil and Elavil. Thankfully, I am off both drugs, but the damage from these drugs were harmful and depressing (go figure). Anyway, I went from a noraml nice weight of 135 before these drugs, to a horrible 230 after being on them for 5 years.

    Because I was alreay in my 30's when I went on them, trying to knock off almost 100 pounds since then has been horribly challenging. I was able to lose half of it, took me years and years.

    Unfortunately, I was only able to lose half. I'm older now, and my FM is worse, exercising is out, just can't do it anymore. So, obviously I'm in a pickle.

    I did try brewing green tea and drinking several glasses a day about a year ago, and I couldn't belive how I lost about 10 pounds in a month without even trying to do anything else, I think it was the green tea because I didn't change anything else, but drank the tea everyday.

    The problem with this was weird, the tea started really hurting my teeth, I know that sounds funny, but I just couldn't continue to drink it. My teeth and mouth would just be so sore. When I stopped the tea, I was okay again.

    Maybe the hurting teeth is just a fibro thingy, LOL. I swear I have so many reactions from meds, foods, drinks.

    Anyway, I do believe it helped somewhat with the weight. Maybe the capsules would be just as good, I don't know. Anyone try this supplement? Hugs, Chelz.

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    The tea is very high in antioxidants (polyphenols) and maybe that is why your mouth reacted...dunno...just thinking out loud! :)

    I, too, have lost weight. I began incorporating green tea (the drinking kind..just the bags) two weeks ago and have, in the last ten days or so, lost seven pounds! Saying that, I have completely cut out chocolate and white sugar products (except I have white sugar in the occasional tin of baked beans...for the fibre!), cheese, yoghurt etc and have been eating a wholefood diet with plenty of fish, chicken, fruits, vegs, some nuts, rye crackers, houmous etc! :) That also could have something to do with it...

    I gave up the choccy because I took a turn for the worse about two months ago and remembered I was shown to be intolerant to milk by a reputable intolerance testing co. here in the UK 4 years back. I'd ignored it! So, feeling so much worse, I thought it was worth knocking the milk and milk products on the head!

    I drink about two cups of green tea a day and not before bed (it still contains caffeine!) My teabags say to add water that's not boiling (let it cool to eighty degrees) before pouring onto the teabag... I know this sounds silly but do you think you could have been drinking it too hot....just a thought since that's easy to do with teas you don't add milk to... I can recommend a product to you called Enerex Grape Seed/ Green Tea which, per cap, provides 100mg Grapeseed Extract (95% leucoanthocyanins) and 200mg Green tea (50% polyphenols). The recommended dose is 1 or 2 caps a day but the lovely Jaminhealth who rec'd GE to me said you should take a saturation dose to begin with so I've been taking 3 caps...

    I'm in the early stages of experimentation with GE but maybe the green tea in this product is contributing to my weight loss too? I have heard that green tea speeds the metabolism up so perhaps that's one explanation cos I certainly can't do too much physically right now... Maybe, if you can't drink the tea, this supp would be ideal and would allow you to see if you could also be one of the many here who have benefited from GE! :)

    One thing I have noticed after actually drinking a cup of green tea is that it makes me feel full for quite a while after...almost like I have eaten a light meal....and I'm normally ravenous all the time! I am starting to think (despite the fact I feel worse than ever right now ...think I'm herxing!)that cutting out white sugar and white carbs is possibly the single most positive thing you can do for your health... My appetite/ blood sugar has been so much more balanced since I cut the junk!

    Maybe (sounds bizarre but you just never know) it's worth trying a different green tea brand..mine is by a company called Dragonfly... They are called Dragonfly Green Tea Wu-Xin Inner Calm Light and Delicate and comes in boxes of 25...but because they are genuine artisan china tea you can use each teabag twice which the blurb on the reverse of the box recommends you do since they claim they improve on the second infusion...it says boil the water, wait five mins till the water has cooled to eight and then pour over the teabag. There is a stronger one than this but I like the Light & Delicate ones and still seem to benefit..I'm in the UK so don't know if you can access Dragonfly tea but look for 100% china green tea... The Dragonfly for 25 cost me about £2.49 a box...

    I have lots of probs with meds, too, just like you... I have chemical sensitivity... My doc is nice, but I swear, she just thinks I am either stubborn when refuse meds...or not as bad as I say or I'd accept them....or, when I do accept them and they don't work or make me feel worse my doc looks at me with this expression of incredulity!

    Anyway, it's maybe worth look at the Enerex supp...you can check this supp out at a site called bodykind.co.uk where you can look for it under 'product search' ....it tells you stuff about it and the benefits....it's also a French product.. read about it there...I pay about £15.00UK for 60 caps...the good thing about these, too, is that the cap itself only contains the active ingredients and the cap is made from only a vegetable cellulose complex and water...

    Anyway, I hope this helps some! Well done on your weight loss! Even if it took a long time..kudos to you...it's not easy to lose weight with this condition... Don't beat yourself up about what you haven't lost please...give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate what you have achieved despite the odds! :)

    (((HUGS))) Shell

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