Has anyone tested positive for antithyroid bodies?

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    I believe you can have a normal TSH result and still suffer from hypothyroidism if you have antithyroid bodies affecting the efficiency of the thyroid hormone.
    Many with Hashimoto's (hypothyroid autoimmune diesease) will have the same symptoms of Fibromyalgia and never know because it can take years for your TSH tests to finally show the low thyroid if you have the antithyroid bodies.

    This is my case so I told others I knew with Fibromyalgia to get the test even though their TSH tests were normal, and low and behold, they tested positive.

    Have been treated with Armour 90 for a few months and vit D and Metmorphin for insulin resistance. Never have I felt this good since getting sick.

    thankfully my endo treated me without having an abnormal TSH test. Some still won't even in the presence of anti thyroid bodies
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    Because of something I read here.
    It said that 95% of Fybromyalgia patients are hypothyroid. The test is the "Comprehensive thyroid assessment"
    If you google it will bring you to "Genova Diagnostics" they explain how the Thyroid antibodies can block the hormones even though you may have enough levels.
    Unfortunately, most endo's wont treat you with thyroid unless your TSH test is low. But, the thyroid made a big difference in me, once I started taking it early morning a couple hours away from anything else.

    An article said that if your DR says you are normal thyroid 'eurothyroid' (??) Then ask if you had anti thyroid bodies, could you test normal and still have a problem and need Thryoid. Thats 2what I did. My dr is usually very alert with Fibro. but this one I was one up on him, and of course they just LOVE that stuff you print from the internet and bring in to them on your appt!
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    instead of synthroid. Most FMS people do better on it as do Hashimotos because it has both t3 and t4
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    Yes I have this also and I am in the process of slowly raising my T-3 levels with a slow release compounded t-3 med.

    I have read where some people have had their fibro symptoms subside with thyroid meds. I have gone from terrible fibro pain where I could not sit still at about an 8 level to about a 2 which is bearable. I still have chronic exhaustion and other symptoms but I would say we all need a comprehensive thyroid test with free t-3 and free t-4 levels checked as well as the anti-body test.

    Most Dr's don't realise that many of us do not convert our hormones properly and just rely on a cheap TSH test that misses many thyroid problems. I would not have been given the meds that I am on if a Dr wasn't familiar with fibro and like many I have been to many. So one needs to be assertive and find a DR who gets it. Interestingly, that is seldom an endocrinologist who will treat us as they are not taught to treat the thyroid per patient but by numbers such as TSH.
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    It is possible that this may be my problem. I have the problem with feeling very cold, and quite a lot of hair falling out, although amasingly it grows very fast, and always looks full.

    My TSH is around 2.9 T3 and T4 are midrange 'normal'. I have been thinking that the only other thing that could be wrong is something stopping the thyroid hormones from working. I was suspecting too much reverse T3, or cortisol.

    Sounds like this antithyroid might be a likely possibility. I'll have a word to my doctor, and see if I can get this test.
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    is way too low for most of us, but dont try and tell a dr that.
    Just tell him, just because the normal size shoe size is 6-12, you are a size 8 not a 6. Ask for him to repeat your thyroid but have him write at the bottom "Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment"
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    But make sure you have and see him write down on the bottom of the test "comp Thyroid Assess" as you stated, if he doesn't, ask him if he is including the Thyroid antibodies.
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    20 years ago, I had Hashimoto's. Recently, I have had low thyroid levels and feared that once again, I had an auto-immune process occurring. I saw the endochrinologist, and he told me what I thought might be possible. Once you have had Hashimoto's, you will always test positive! This is true of mono and many other diseases.
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    Actually you never get rid of Hashimotos. You need to be on Throid forever, even if your tsh is normal. The thyroid hormone is blocked by the antibodies.
    Yeah the depression from Hashimotos doesnt get helped from AD's
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    There are two tests that my doctor, Dr. Guyer, ordered that tested for thyroid resistance. My tests revealed that I am in the moderate range of thyroid resistance. What I don't understand is why endocrinologists don't tend to do these tests. If I understood Dr. Guyer correctly thyroid resistance occurs due to our underlying viral activity that is going on with us CFS folks. The constant viral activity appears to suppress the thyroid and the immune system.
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    Many endo's will use these tests and if you are high in one and leveled off in another, it shows how long you have had it. I don't think it makes a difference in treatment. Treatment should always be what feels good to the patient, not by blood tests, they are unreliable at different times.
    Even different labs give different results.
    how is dr Guyer treating you?
    it makes sense to me that a virus causes the ruination of our endocrine system, but very few drs agree.
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    I am taking armour thyroid and a sustained release T3 that I get from his office. I'm definitely coping better with this combination. However, since thyroid reacts so much with other things I need i.e. adrenal support, testosterone, estrogen, iron, I'm having a difficult time finding the right dose. Dr. Guyer had put me on HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) this totally messed me up. He said I was detoxing too rapidly on this and it was massively increasing my need for more thyroid. He said it will be good for me later on, but right now it is too much for my body. Last month he added iron since lab results indicated I needed it, but it is creating havoc with my thyroid. I have always been very sensitive to hormonal interactions and vitamin/mineral interactions with thyroid. And, of course, the viral situation reaks havoc on my thyroid needs as well. Currently, Dr. Guyer has me on a very low dose of anti-viral medication. He doesn't think I can handle the heavy duty stuff.
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    I set an alarm to go off at 5:30 so I take my thyroid away from everything else. Its funny how endos dont tell you to take your diabetes meds away from the thyroid when everyone knows they mix wrong including all the vitamins. I have to take D but maybe i will go off my prenatals awhile and see if the thyroid acts better.
    Where is Guyer and what kind of dr?
    Most drs dont or cant take on our confusing cases

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    Hi Longstruggle,

    I too have Hashimotos. Could you tell me what 2 tests Dr. Guyer uses to diagnose thyroid resistance? Thanks.
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    Now normal stops at 3.

    Also, the free t3 and t4 are the most important measurements, but also the smallest quantities so they are tricky to get right. If you take birth control, it will bind to the t3 and t4 so the totals will be the same but the free will be lower.

    Soy does the same thing. If you have or suspect you have thyroid problems avoid soy protein.
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    to stay away from Green Tea with thyroid problems
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    I'm using a library's computer and I'm not physically doing well, so I didn't get your responses till now. Sorry.

    Dr. Guyer is in Indianapolis, IN. I travel nearly 6 hours to see him.

    Cansado: I'll have to get back to you as to what those two lab tests were exactly called as I'm at the library and not at home.

    What's the deal with green tea? I have never heard that one before. I drink a lot of green tea. Agree with the person who said soy isn't good; soy regularly interacts with thyroid.
  18. LongStruggle

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    Actually research that I had done awhile back and also discussed with Dr. Guyer and Dr. Lyle Myers (endo) say the current TSH recommendations should be under 1. And yes, the other most accurate measures to use when you are taking thyroid hormone is free T3 and free T4. I don't believe that this is true if your not already on thyroid hormone.
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    "your thyroid is normal, are you sure?" its a good thread on the low carbs site. goes back years to the present. learned alot through it. thats where green tea is mentioned. also google comprehensive thyroid assessment to get the exact tests, but usually the dr writes that exact test down
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    I tested postitive for antibodies, even had a good sized goiter, lucky me, haha! it went away with thyroid treatment. My neck will still swell up if I forget to take my thyroid pills for a couple days in a row like a dummy. And then my hair will start to fall out, so I HAVE to remember to take my throid pills, haha! And my cortisol pills as I my adrenal glands are low also. Go figure.

    Take care and be well my friends!