Has anyone tried a massage roller

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by VickyB, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. VickyB

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    My husband bought me one of these for Christmas also from "RELAX THE BACK STORE" It looks like the bottom of your computer mouse but only a large size ball. You can roll it over your neck yourself. Or if you are lucky, your husband or kids can roll it on your back for you-better than a regular massage.
    Sincerely, Vicky
  2. lisjhn

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    Sorry I haven't e-mailed you back yet, but just wanted to say I got one of those Homemedics Shiatsu massagers for Christmas and its wonderful!! I don't know if you suffer from headaches or not, but I'm sure it'd help for all over tension and body pain as well.

    (I actually bought one for my best friend since we both suffer from headaches, I thought perhaps I could borrow hers! Sneaky....Ha.) Anyway, I ended up getting one myself and I love it. Feels just like a professional massage and with an ice pack over the eyes it helps with my headaches.

    Talk to you soon.

  3. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi Vicky

    Not yet! - but I've ordered the Ma Roller from the Sarah Key website in Australia. She has a product that looks like a mini rolling pin with a groove in the middle so you can roll it up and down your spine, targetting stuck bits.
    The middle of my spine gives me a lot of trouble.

    I'm looking forward to receiving it - also ordered her back block and video. wil let you know how I go.

    Also have a Shiatsu-Pro machine that is great for getting into spasmed areas in the neck and chest - I more often than not get relief almost immediately. Good just before I go to bed.

    Good Luck