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  1. 2_TiReD

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    Just out of my own desperation, I went to a holistic medicine doctor and while I found some of his methods a bit unsettling (Holding amber vials containing tincture of "whatever-it-is-that-may-be-bothering you" over your midsection and then pulling your arm to see when you give less resistance to his pull), he suggested a concentrated antioxidant to see if we can "reverse body aging".

    Since it wasn't that expensive and I am kind of desperate to find SOMETHING to help with the overwhelming fatigue, I agreed to try it.

    Thanks for any input.

  2. hensue

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    Sorry never heard of it. one time i was so desperate i bought dirt.
    you will do anything to get rid of pain and fatigue
  3. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Shaklee are good products they are not fda approved. it is a big marketing tier he makes money off of it and other people do also. How do you feel? Can you tell any difference? Do you have more energy and less pain? Maybe you will be our guinea pig. Unless someone else comes up and takes it.
    Let us know
  4. hensue

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    You must have just got it. It says i think it was just available Aug 9. just google, i am going to put it out there again.
  5. 2_TiReD

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    Nope, haven't gotten it yet (although I paid for it). It is on order at the doctor's office and I will get a call when it comes in.

    Yah, this particular doctor's office is definately a "Shaklee" pusher, but they really seem to believe in the products they are selling and as long as the cost isn't too outrageous and I know what the product contains, I WILL be the guinea pig for this one. None of the other supplements I have tried (nor pacing, nor fixing sleep issues, nor pharmaceuticals:a list too long to....well, list, nor biofeedback, etc etc) has helped me with my chronic fatigue. It is becoming more and more difficult to deal with this exhaustion; my brain just "shuts off" and takes my body with it. It's crazy; I can't even talk or be talked to/ have anything electronic on or even have my beloved fan going( I am addicted to "fan noise" - you know, the noise that the fan makes when it is on...goofy, huh? )

    I will sure let you know if anything happens.

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    The form of testing your practitioner did is what is called Kinesiology or a form of it. See link below:


    When I was in the extreme fatigue stage of my illness I went to see a chiropractor who specialises in Kinesiology and he prescribed for me at one stage, NZ Shark Liver Oil, which I think is a high potency antoxidant and within three days the brain fog lifted, then by the fifth day the extreme fatigue lifted. After another five brilliant days of almost no fatigue it gradually came back again, but then this same practitioner prescribed a couple of other things to deal with the detox and gradually I improved again. Although other symptoms have remained I have never returned to that same level of overwhelming fatigue again.

    This guy was awesome and he mainly used Kinesiology to assess deficiencies.
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    Your experience w/the chiropractor & kinesiology is very interesting. I've seen a couple of different chiros over the years , who did muscle testing & other kinesiology related tests, but never seemed to get much positive effect from them.

    I'm curious what area of the country you are from & the name of the chiropractor who helped you ?
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  8. Meg1710

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    This practitioner is in Melbourne, Australia so a bit far for you to come for a weekly consult I imagine!!
  9. holiday16

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    I'm in a flare at the moment and my muscles were really acting up. Mostly severe weakness. I started taking it a couple days ago and I do feel better, but I also increased my medication so I'm not sure which is helping. Although the muscle weakness is improved and my med does not help with that so that's a positive sign. I looked up quite alot on mitochondria and this product seems very promising from the research I did. Too long to go into, but this product helps with mitochonrial biogenesis and from the research I did on FM and mitochondria there seems to be an association. I'm very anxious to see how it works. I do know someone else who has been taking it for about 10 days now and they noticed their "brain fog" has been much better.

    One thing I found really helped me was an NP said to take 6 of the sustained release C a day and I was amazed at how much that helped. I was taking it for something else so my intention wasn't even for treating FM.

    Are we allowed to share e-mails on here? I'd love to stay in touch and see what results you have with it regarding FM and fatigue.


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