Has Anyone tried Abilify for pain/depression?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nathan, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. nathan

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    I went to my Doc today and complained of excruciating pain, as usual, and I asked for break-through pain meds, but he always refuses. I'm already maxed out as he says on Oxycontin, and I suppose he is right, but I am getting some fierce headaches during the day, and often upon waking in the middle of the night. Sometimes a regular scheduleddose of Oxy takes it away momentarily, but lately, it is intolerable. I've been down too long. Thanks for any tips on this Abilify if you know, God Bless, N-
  2. teach6

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    My son who has bipolar disorder takes Abilify, which is to my understanding an antipsychotic. I can say pretty certainly that it is not an antidepressant because he cannot take them. Did you read somewhere that this is being used to treat pain?

    One thing I can tell you is it is by far the best med he has been on for his problem. It has had virtually no side effects and he is now losing the weight he put on rapidly while on Zyprexa and Depakote.

  3. nathan

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    My doc told me that it is an anti-psychotic drug, or as he put it, that was what the FDA approved it for , but he told me it is his best anti-depressant right now. Who knows, perhaps he is trying not to tell me he thinks I'm bipolar, but medicating me for it. He has tried to prescribe seroquel for me, and neurotin, both of which I did not feel very comfortable taking. I am leary of new drugs, but I thank you for your post. Sincerely, N-
  4. teach6

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    All I can tell you is that my son cannot take antidepressants because they make him manic which will then go to being psychotic. I've watched it happen and hope to never see it again.

    On Abilify he is like his old self again. His personality is back and he's the loving, caring, creative, fun son I raised. For that I thank God.

  5. fullarmor

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    Hello. I work with schizophrenics and this is a drug used to treat the psychotic symptoms. I have never heard of it used for pain. I would be very wary in using it for something other than psychotic symptoms: it's a very strong drug and has a lot of side effects. I can't imagine how it would work for pain. Hope this helps!!