Has anyone tried AMITIZA

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bronzee, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    I m having chornic constipation and the gastro put me on samples of amitiza . I took one the first day, he said to take with meal. Well , the second day i ate cheerios and bananas and took one pill. I felt sick and nausea for the rest of the day. The side effects is nausea and or dirreaha. My question, will this nausea go away once the body gets us to the amitiza or did i eat enough or not eat enough? Thank u.
  2. kksmommy

    kksmommy New Member

    My doctor gave me a sample of Amitiza b/c I had such a bad attack of IBS that I was passing large amounts of blood. I had a colonoscopy and the stomach scope done. All they found was IBS. I took it the first night with crackers within 30 mins I was sick. I wasn't sure if it was from the Amitiza or not so the next morning I took it with breakfast. Again, within 30 mins I was sick. I called my doctor and he said it was a common side effect and that some people just can't tolerate it. I guess I'm one of those people. He suggested that instead of the Amitiza taking 1 stool softner without stimulant each night before bed. Then if I notice that I hadn't had a bowel movement atleast every 2 days to take 1 dose of Miralax. The Miralax seems to work the best and there's no cramping. Best of luck to you!
  3. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    Since I wrote last, the nurse said, take it again on friday, now, i still feel nasuea from yesterday,, duh.

    kksmommy, Did the Miralax make your stool form and it all comes out together at one time complete??

    I have problems, all of my stool don't come at once in one settings. I leave the restroom , then i have to return in 20-60mins to complete the lst bowel movement. I end up spending to much time in there.
  4. kksmommy

    kksmommy New Member

    No it didn't all come out at once. I went several times but I wasn't in the bathroom for long periods of time. You don't want to let it get too bad. I'd rather be back n forth in the bathroom that have an episode like I did the last time. I ended up in the hospital for 2 days from passing so much blood and having the worst pain I've ever had. It was worse than natural child labor. Just take it the night before a day that you have nowhere to go or on a day you'll be able to go to the bathroom as needed.
  5. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    Ok, thanks for your time.
  6. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    hi, just wanted to let you know that i couldnt tolerate amitiza either. severe nausea, which is not my thing. it was so bad, that i didnt take a second one. hope this helps some.

    good luck to you , joanie
  7. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    Ok i went back to the dr and he deceased the 24 mgs to 8, i don't feel nausea but i dont go to the restroom either..maybe i should bring it up to l6 and see how that will be for one day...

    Thanks alot girls for your help.
  8. ruby711

    ruby711 New Member

    I have cfs and IBS and tend toward chronic constipation. I found a wonderful product called Ageless Hydro-C that is made up of all vitamins which I can tolerate. I generally have a hard time with all vitamins but this works well. This product can clear anything. It is made by a former pharmacist who is now just writting for a living. I believe the product is FDA approved but not positive. He is the author of Fiber Menace and Gut Sense. I follow the program in the book even though it is contrary to what I had believed in. I use to use fiber galore but no longer add fiber to anything. Just google under the either books title to find product info.
  9. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    Thanks Ruby i will google this. I hope this works also. I had to stop the lower dosage that the dr reduced it to. adominal cramps. :(
  10. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    Thank u. I will try that . I use to drink warm water a long time ago and yes it helps, i guess sometimes i just forget thats why this site can be helpful. I like water with fresh cut lemons in it, i really don't care for just plain water. I do force myself to drink it. I love bananas. Fruit i like but, can't have alot of acidy foods make my stomach upset also. Much fiber do give me alot of gas, and my bowel move when they want to because i have had my gall bladder move years ago..so that don't help.

    Thank you for the advice I will try all of them.

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