Has anyone tried and had success with 5HTP?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Densgirl, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Densgirl

    Densgirl New Member


    I don't post much, but read posts often. I've heard that 5HtP can help Fibro, but not a lot known about it. Has anyone here tried it?

  2. CAAnnieB

    CAAnnieB New Member

    Hi Aja,

    I used 5HTP for years at nighttime for enhancing my sleep. It worked well for me. I stopped using it when I started Lyrica. The Lyrica improved my quality of sleep immensely.

    There is a potential interaction between 5HTP & any Serotonin- boosting meds. (Many anti-depressants, for example.) Too much Serotonin can lead to Serotonin Syndrome/ overdose, which can be very serious/ life-threatening.

    Two former FM Dr's of mine recommended 5HTP for sleep.

  3. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    5htp boosts serotonin. If your Fibro pain is being caused by a serotonin deficiency, it can be helpful.

    But if you are already taking an SSRI, SNRI, or other AD you need to talk to your HCP. Look up serotonin syndrome. It's very serious, in some cases, fatal.

    Best wishes.
  4. Densgirl

    Densgirl New Member

    Thanks for the info. I currently take Lyrica ( Only 100 mg per day, had problems on higher dosage.), but I will not try it without consulting my doctor first.

    Best to all here,
  5. serenityskyline

    serenityskyline New Member

    I was having a lot of major flare-ups and lots of memory issues. Nothing no matter what I was taking nothing was helping at all. I have been taking the 5-HTP for three weeks now. I have not had one flare-up at all. It has been great for my work and my home life. I have been sleeping alot deeper and night and noticing that I feel more rested. Even the people at work has been noticing the difference and asking about it. I do not take anything else. I am walking proof that it helps. God Bless you!!!!

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