has anyone tried black seed oil

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    I recently saw black seed oil being sold, and asked what it was. I was told it was good for colds, and general immune system.

    I checked the net, and found it is from a plant commonly known as love in the mist. There were many recommendations, however apparently it tastes very bad, and has to be mixed with something to cover the taste. Overall sounds very interesting.

    Just wandered if anyone has tried this.
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    Thanks for posting. I am not talking about black current seed oil, but another oil that I had never even heard of before.

    I saw this black seed oil being sold at a local market. Apparently it comes from Egypt, and I don't think it is much known about in western society. I found that I can buy it from a supermarket that sells foods from that area of the world (I'm a bit wary of buying this sort of thing from a market, especially as it looks like this oil can go bad if not stored properly).

    It is very well priced, and after I've done some research to check safety, and drug interactions, I might give it a try. I live in Australia, so I'm not sure if it would be available in the US. However, I think it is probably just not known about by westerners. It can also be known as black cummin seed.
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    You're quite right. It is nigella sativa.

    It can also be bought as seeds.

    I am very interested in this, as it is supposed to boost the immune system, and help recovery of fatigue.