Has anyone tried cannibus for FMS? How effective was it? How did

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  1. DrP

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    Has anyone tried cannibus for FMS? How effective was it? How did your physician handle the request?
  2. Shirl

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    Hi, welcome to the board. I do think that asking those who may or may not use marijuana for pain is unfair on this public board.

    As I know that you are aware that it is illegal in most all states in this country.

    You are more than welcome here, but lets drop this subject now.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. DebP

    DebP New Member

    Not to rock the boat here, but in the past wasnt there a question about cannibas being used as a painkiller before?? If I remember correctly, people posted about this for quite some while, and no one was told then that it couldnt be discussed here....Just curious, I thought it was ok???

  4. ForeverFlaring

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    Between 1978 and 1997, 35 states and the District of Columbia passed legislation recognizing marijuana's medicinal value.
    States include: AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IA, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, TN, TX, VT, VA, WA, WV, and WI.

    Since 1996, nine states have legalized medical marijuana use: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ME, NV, OR, WA

    Organizations that have endorsed medical access to marijuana include: the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Family Physicians; American Bar Association; American Public Health Association; American Society of Addiction Medicine; AIDS Action Council; British Medical Association; California Academy of Family Physicians; California Legislative Council for Older Americans; California Medical Association; California Nurses Association; California Pharmacists Association; California Society of Addiction Medicine; California-Pacific Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church; Colorado Nurses Association; Consumer Reports Magazine; Kaiser Permanente; Lymphoma Foundation of America; Multiple Sclerosis California Action Network; National Association of Attorneys General; National Association of People with AIDS; National Nurses Society on Addictions; New Mexico Nurses Association; New York State Nurses Association; New England Journal of Medicine; and Virginia Nurses Association.
  5. PJB

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    I guess there should be no discussion of drugs that are being researched as they are not legal yet either. Also, this is the internet as in international where cannibus is legal in other countries (as well as many states in the US). Give me a break.
  6. DrP

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    If I offend, sorry. I live in CA. We have a case being heard on medical marijuanna ie permissive state law versus opposing federal law. It is going to be interesting. I am more interested in the medicinal benefit. I am not advocating for or against use, nor am I buying or selling, so keep me out of the legal discussion. But I manage my quality of life (QOL) with this DD. If there is a possible treatment available that would permt a better QOL than it behooves me to inquire. To respond or not to respond, is that not an individual decision? Of course I do not want to violate the rules about open discussions.
  7. gottalottalove

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    I too live in California in a liberal county and have a prescription for MJ. I dont understand the anger surrounding this issue. Our law enforcement even encourages us to grow our own MJ indoors or outdoors with a prescription to keep us off the streets trying to buy it. It helps many people with many different illnesses. I dont use it often because the side effects are not always good for myself. I eat too much... and Im already fluffy! It does help me sleep better, moods are better, and helps with chronic pain. More side effects could be drowsiness and anxiety. These usually arent a problem for me. I hope this helps. By the way, when I do use it (which is rare, because I am also on Nuerontin and Ultram) I go to a friends house, she also has a prescription and we make capsules so I dont expose my children to the smoking or the baking goods. Hope this helps... Tina, P.S. it does help if I am dizzy and Nausiated...
  8. Shirl

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    All of you went in the wrong direction with what I said. What I meant was that you are on a public board.

    DrP asked what I considered to be a personal question of all of you. If you want to tell the world you use it, then be my guest.

    I thought the question was unfair considering it is an illegal drug.
    Now, if you want to know what I personally think about marijuana? I think it should be legalized, and if it came up for a vote I would be in favor of it.

    I do not need any of you to educate me on marijuana. Get real.

    If you were in my state, it is illegal and the jails are full of people who use it, sell it, and grow it.

    I was simply looking out for your benefit. Next time, ask before you decide to jump all over someone who is trying to protect you from some of the nuts we get on this board.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  9. DebP

    DebP New Member

    My post was strictly for informational purposes only. Because of the fact that it had been discussed before in great length, I couldnt understand why you told us to "drop it".

    I didnt mean to step on your toes if you feel thats what I did by asking about this. Mainly, I wanted to know why at one time we could discuss this, and another we were told to stop!! It doesnt sound like you are too happy about people posting against you so to speak. But I agree that if anyone wants to talk about using it theirselves and it helping they should be able to do so....

  10. Kurt

    Kurt New Member


    I have learned a lot from your posts as I have learned a lot from other posts too. I was just somewhat disturbed by your statement:

    "I do not need any of you to educate me on marijuana. Get real."

    I am assuming maybe you had a bad day when you said the above statement, but I feel it was extremely inappropriate, condescending, and a little rude. I don't think anyone was attacking your ideas, I think people were a little confused by the post because that issue has been discussed here a number of times. I was a little confused when I read your post at first. I thought that maybe there was some kind of policy change from the owners of the site. There is a lot that is unknown about marijuana, and there are people who have devoted their life to studying it, and they still have a lot to learn.

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  11. kmelodyg

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    I used to smoke alot of pot when I was younger, but I stopped becasue it caused me to have panic attacks. In the last few weeks, I started using it again, only at night. It does help to temposrarily relieve my pain. And it also helps me to fall asleep. It is illegal in my area, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

  12. jillsy1

    jillsy1 New Member

    HI.......fortunately, Canada is about to legalize this product for personal use. At the moment, one can apply to the government with a doctor's letter and if okayed you are given a special use permit.
    I have tried this and find that sometimes it helps and others it does not.....I would say that it is worth a try.
  13. Patti2

    Patti2 New Member

    Evidently you are not in as much pain as some of us. A friend of mine has Lupus which is simalar in some of the conditions. Her Dr. recommed she use marijuana for pain relief and to mellow out. I live in Ohio and no it is not legal but it is a misdaminor if you have less than an oz.
    I have tried it with her and it does relax you and it helps me sleep better. Get with it girl this is 2003, I am 45 years old and I would do ANYTHING to get rid of this monster. If it means to smoke a little marijuana I will do it. If someone told me to stand on my head for 2 hours a day and it worked I would do that also! I am not promoting it, as it is illegal. But it does help me!
  14. Dorothy45

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    I thought we have discussed the use of cannibas for relief of fm symptoms before? I don't recall the discussion being a problem at that time. Is someone having a bad day? I am going back to see the other posts. I have to admit that the way the question was asked seemed like an "intruder", so checked out the bio. I understand that we need to be careful about our safety when using the net. Oh well, I am always confused...nothing new.
  15. allhart

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    everyone needs to remember sense this is a public form ANYONE has access to the info you post and ANYONE can use this aginst you!
    imagine if you were to post you do use it and someone eles prints it up and sends it to your boss,family members or police,
    i think thats what shril is trying to remind you of,and i belive shril knows enough from reading that she can make a informed dissicion on its use ,just like all of you,
    i know many that it has helped for things like cancer and ms but i personally would not brake the law or put my family in jepordy by trying it thats also something you need to think about,if you get caught with it who will bail you out?
  16. crutcp

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    i find it amazing that a moderator steered the direction of this thread in a completely different direction that the first post was meant for. has anyone tried pot for FMS? how effective was it? this isn't a legal debate, a moral debate, and nobody cares about your personal opinions. if someone decides to let the world know they smoke, that's their call and no one elses. i'm pretty sure we're smart enough and adult enough to make our own decisions considering we figured out how to sign up here. facts should be exchanged instead of people arguing over a dead issue. if you want info on the medical benefits of MJ, check out . peace

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  17. JP

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    My doctor asked me if I was willing to try some. That's a twist, isn't it? I have a severe pain condition and FMS and a few other things. Anyway, I tried it at bedtime for sleep and it worked really well. On my next appointment, I reported the results and was given an Rx. I don't use it very often and I have used it for sleep and arthritis with good results. It's important to note that no medications were taken from me, just something new for quality of living issues. It's legal in my state. I hope this covers your question.

    Take care,
  18. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    I just logged on or I would have answered your question much sooner.

    Yes, I use marijuana for FM, but not really for the pain - because, unlike most here, pain is not my main problem. My major problem is the debilitating fatigue that hits out of nowhere, or never goes away at all (always wake up fatigued). If there is something that needs to be done or needs to be finished, that's when I reach for the pipe. Just a little is all I need to get back to work and get the jobs done. Nothing else has ever worked to relieve the fatigue. There is also the problem of nausea that I sometimes have if I've pushed too hard. It wipes that out as well.

    If this does not lift my fatigue, I know that means I've just pushed my body too far and I have no business getting back to work!

    The only problem with this fatigue remedy is that it can only be applied to working at home.

    I am curious about one thing. I heard a report on one of the big satellite news stations that a co-op of cancer patients were raided by the DEA (Feds) and their crop confiscated. They all had Rx's from their doctors but they were arrested for growing with intent to distribute. But you say you and your friend have a permit to grow it for your own medical use - maybe these people forgot to get the permit. I had also heard that the doctors in "medically legal" states were threatened with federal prosecution if they actually did perscribe it. I'm glad to hear they are apparently standing up for themselves.

    Lucky you.

  19. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    for medical prescription only. IT scares me though. But I am in so much freakin' pain and have been for so long that I think I would smoke just about anything if someone told me it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings, Iggy
  20. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    Are you still there? I've been thinking about this and I have some questions for you.

    First of all, there is a pill form. I have a friend whose son, dying of AIDS in '89, was given them. Why are the doctors not prescribing the pills, when they would be so much easier for the patient to deal with.

    Which leads me to my second question. Doctors have to be perscribing it to patients who want to try it but maybe have never even smoked cigarettes, they're that desperate for relief. Even cigarette smokers wouldn't necessarily know what to do. Since this isn't an easy pill, how do patients learn? Trial and error can be pretty rough. . .

    Which is a word to any of you reading along with this thread who are thinking about this also. Don't be tempted to just run out to try this if you don't know anyone who can teach you (those of you in "legal" states, of course) It's not like running down to the health food store for a bottle of magnesium because we all said it worked. That's one of the beauties of the legality of doctors prescribing and monitoring. If you don't know what you're doing, you can get yourself in trouble - and I don't mean with the law, but that too.