Has anyone tried DLPA for pain??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kbak, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. kbak

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    Just looking to see if anyone has tried DLPA ( DL-Phenylalanine) for pain. I've read quite a bit about it, and sounded like it gave really good pain relief. Would love input from anyone familiar with it.

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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have been using it for about a year. Ran out a month ago and just havent bought more. I think I will tomorrow. I also take it with L-Tyrosine. Does pretty good at releiving pain for me. I have pain about 9 on scale of 1-10 and together they bring me to about a 5. I take double the dose on the bottle, early in the day, as the tyrosine will keep me awake. I can manage without pain meds at this level. I also have a LOT LESS tremors when using this. It is tooted for Parkinsons too. Helps your body make Dopamine. And epinephrine. I use supplements in place of almost all drugs I used to take. I also use L-tryptophan 1500 mg. and Doxepin 10 mg at night. This replaces the 125 mg of Doxepin I used to take. The only other drug I take is Atenolol 25 mg for tackycardia. The only time I was able to go off that was when I used Cholestyramine 2 years ago.

    I have posted many times about the DL-phenylalanine and can read my old posts. Good luck trying it, I love it.
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    How much do you take of he Dlpa and tyrosine? And does it have to build up to work?

    thank you
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    are both Amino Acids. I buy both in 500 mg. and used to take one of each sometime in the morning, hopefully, before lunch as the Tyrosine will keep me awake. I recently started taking 2 of each and that works a little better for me, not twice as good, just a little better. Even though I haven't taken any in about a month now, I will notice good pain relief the first or second day I take it, and you DO see improvement as you continue taking it, and the Tyrosine is WONDERFUL for getting rid of daytime drowsyness. Both are CHEAP, about $10 or less. Can get them in any health food store like Vitamin World.

    My ALL TIME FAVORITE Amino Acid is L-Tryptophan. Nothing I have even taken for sleep has come ANYWHERE close to Tryptophan. Been using that for 4 years. Everynight, religiously. I would also recommend using, at least sporadically, an Amino Acid Complex so as not to become heavy on some and deficient on others. Just like you wouldn't take B-6 without taking a B-Complex or take the B's without a Multi. I buy mine online at BIOS, or Nokomis Nutrition or SmartBomb. About $22-42 for one month.

    Good luck.
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    that is wonderful info, Thanks!