Has anyone tried eating hot chillis

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  1. Mike

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    to relieve pain, fatigue, or depression?

    Eating hot chillis is supposed release endorphins in the brain which is suppose to give you a feeling of well being. Endorphins is the substance that is released when you substain a severe injury eliminating most of the pain of the injury for many hours. It is also the same substance that is released during jogging (runners high) and thrill seekers.

    The reason that hot peppers releases emdorphins is that heat receptors in your tongue notify the brain that endorphins release is needed to relieve the pain.

    Not all hot peppers release the same amount of endorphins. The hotter the better. The following is a pungency scale.

    Bell, Sweet Italian 0
    Peperocini 100-500
    New Mexico 500-1000
    Ancho, Passila, Poblano 1000-1500
    Sandia, Rocotillo 1500-2500
    Jalapeno, Chipolte 2500-10000
    Serrano 5000-23000
    Piquin, Aji, Cayenne 30000-50000
    Habenero, Scotch Bonnet 80000-300000

    According to this table the Habenero or Scotch Bonnet would release the most endorphins.

    The only other food that will release endorphins in any appreciable amount is chocolate (but in small amounts compared to chillis) which is generally known as a sugar high.
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    For almost 30 years, we have grown much of our food, including generous amounts of peppers. We have grown all of the above with the exception of Rocotillo, Aji and Pepperoncini. We use them in cooking and my boys would eat them, yes, just eat them! Very strange for a fair skined, red headed family! Mostly, we would dry them, grinding some for cooking or to take a spoonful in the mornings with our Green Drink. We also have made many potent tinctures which included the hotter peppers.
    Over the last year our son has gotten so much worse and he would react negatively to extremes, so he's had to back off. Several Drs. and accupuncturists say he is "running hot" so should stay away from such things.
    We now grow the milder peppers and an occasional cayenne & jalapeno.
    By the way, are you familiar with Dr. Schultz's cayenne powder or tincture? He includes African Bird Pepper. It's part of our first aid kit, as the powder is SO HOT off the Scovill scale, there is no flavor, just heat. Medicinal only!
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    I don't know whether or not this website sells them, but you can buy them in capsules which claim not to upset the stomach. Hot spicy food is supposed to be good for weight loss, pain, and a whole host of other problems.

    Love, Mikie
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    a habenero? WooWe one of the hotest pepper you can get. I think I start keeping a jar at my desk LOL

    Really I do love pepper, but they don't always love me...
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    Don't they cause stomach upset? I'd be keen to try them if they reduce fatigue and aching muscles but I don't want to set off another problem!
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    i think the reason chiles work is it takes your mind off the pain in the bod and transfers your attention to your tongue!!!!


    Every meal I have consist of some sort of hot chili....it tastes real good going down....but on the way out....you know what I mean.

    The funny thing is that I have been a "salsera" for the past 25 years and until now, I am starting to feel the effects of heartburn.

    Old age?


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    I just couldn't pass this up. I have been eating chili's for years (except raw jalepeno) they are a good source of C and a few of them at the end of your list are way to hot for me.I eat mostly the red chili's and the green chili from Hatch NM. It's great. I have never had stomache problems, although many native of NM that have drank alcohol and ate a lot of chile have stomache ulcers and now can not do either. Anyone wanting to learn how to make red chili enchalda sauce the NM way from dried red chili's let me know... As for the problem of burning on the other end...any diaper rash ointment will take care of that. Learning to eat chili is an acquired art and you have to like your mouth of fire, ringing in your ears, nose running and eyes watering...and using ointment when necessary. I am from michigan originally, and have really come to enjoy my Chili! Maybe that's why I have been so "happy" here...my
    "dolphins" (grandsons way of saying endorphins) are really working well!