Has Anyone Tried Five Element Acupuncture?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Hi . . . I posted several weeks ago asking about acupuncure, medical vs. chinese. The overwhelming reply was that chinese acupuncturists are highly trained and highly recommended where medical was not.

    I am in the process of reading a book by a woman who recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She did a lot of natural, holistic things to help her body to heal. The two she said were probably most helpful were Five Element Acupuncture (she says this type actually hurts??) and the exercise that helped her once she was able to exercise was Tai Chi.

    I was wondering if anyone on the board has had this type of acupuncture . . . I would be interested in hearing of your experience. Thanks! Terri
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    Hi terrim~~I have had electro-acpuncture, but have not even heard of the Five Element Acupuncture.

    I was in agonizing pain from FM, degenerative disc disease, 3 kinds of arthritis, and exhaustion from CFS. I had gone the traditional medical route with NO success at all. However, I had heard about this holistic acpuncture center in Oklahoma City that had an outstanding success record. I am PHOBIC of needles, but I was in so much pain, so exhausted, and such a physical mess I would have done anything for relief.

    I took a month's medical leave from work, pulled out my savings, and went to the Acupuncture Center. For one month, I had electro-acupuncture treatments on my back every other day, plus was given high quality Chinese herbs specific to my needs to take in large quantities every day. The needles were placed in my back and various other places; the needles were hooked up to a little black box with clips, and electrical currents were sent down the needles into the affected areas.

    It was a 15 minute procedure and did not hurt. The results were beyond amazing and so were these magical herbs. The only one that hurt was the one they put in the middle of my ear--and it only hurt a second or two when they clipped it in. I received massages twice a week, and already had been a student of Tai Chi and Qi Gong for several years.

    By the 3rd week, I had no pain of any kind any where; slept like a baby without any sleep aids, and the various herbs they gave me did away with all the inflammation, joint dryness, psoriasis, made my skin flawless, smooth, and the texture of silk. I could not believe the results I got, but the stories from people in the stalls next to me were even more miraculous.

    There was a woman in a stall next to me getting her weekly acupuncture. She said she had terminal cancer, and there was no more the doctors/specialists/or hospital could do for her, and she was sent home to die. So, in a last act of desperation, she came to the Acupuncture Center. I asked her how it was going.....she laughed and said, "Well, it's been six years now--so I'd say it's going pretty good!" They had treated her with acupuncture and also the high quality Chinese herbs specific to her needs. We didn't have long to talk after her session because she was playing in a local tennis tournament that day.

    Another woman I met was a severe insulin diabetic who had been told by her doctors that they were going to have to amputate her legs in order to save her life. Also in desperation, she came to the Acupuncture Center. Again, given acupuncture treatments and put on the high quality Chinese herbs specific to her needs. Not only did she not have to have her legs amputated--but she did not have to take insulin anymore and controlled her diabetes with diet and the herbs.

    And there were more incredible stories I heard over the month I was there--paralized stroke victims now functioning in full capacity.....the whole experience was AMAZING.

    Had I been able to live around there and continue on with the program specifically designed for me--I don't believe I would be having to take one drug or be as disabled as I am. The acupuncture & herbs get you to a point where you just go on "maintenance" and only require a session once a month or whatever your specific needs are in order to maintain the healthy balance you've achieved.

    But, I had to come back to Montana, and where I live there are no such resources available to me.

    As always, I know that what works for one may not work for another--but from what I saw over the month I was at the Acupuncture Center and from my own experience~~it certainly works miracles for a great many.

    I still do the Tai Chi & Qi Qong regularly, get a massage once a week, and have continued to take the herbs that I order from the Center every month. After being on those high quality Chinese herbs specific for my conditions--I am an almost 54 year old woman who looks 30 in a body that is 130.

    I would highly encourage you to check into this Five Element Acupuncture, and please share the info you find with us. But, even if you don't do the Five Element Acupuncture, I would stongly recommend you give electro-acupuncture a decent trial period.

    Just make sure that the Acpuncturist is fully licensed; that his facility is spotlessly clean, where he was trained, and ask what types of acupuncture he does and what all his program includes.

    The acupuncturists at the Acupuncture Center in Oklahoma City were all oriental, raised, educated, and trained in China, and were herbal experts.

    My mate who is 55 and smoked like a freight train since he was 12 saw my acupuncturist while I was at the Acupuncture Center, and the acupuncturist put an acupuncture clip in his ear--and he hasn't smoked since, and said he never had any desire to smoke throughout his entire cessation period.

    But I am most interested in what you find out about this Five Element Acupuncture, so please keep us informed. Thanks for letting us know about it. Blessings to you, Carol...
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    Hopefully someone else on the board may have had an experience with it. I will definitely investigate. The woman who wrote that book, Lily Casura, had CFS for 5 years and is now completely recovered. She went through tons of traditional medicine & nothing worked, so she went to Chinese and Indian medicine. She said the chinese medicine -- herbs, this five element acupuncture and the tai chi for exercise helped the most. She started a website specifically to find practitioners in different areas. I'm lucky that I live in Maryland and there seem to be a few there. The website is what you would think and is written fivelement (sharing the e) . . . I'll check to see if they have anyone in Montana (although depending where you are it could still be far) . . . I had a former assistant at work from Havre :) Love, Terri
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    They did have a five element acupuncturist listed in Montana . . .


    Kristi Heatherstone, L.Ac. P.O. Box 235. Rollins, MT 59931. Tel.: (406) 849-5772.

    I'll see what else I can find out . . . Terri
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    I too am unsure exactly what 5 element acupuncture is. I get acupuncture, usually with electricity and/or moxa, frequently. It always hurts. In fact, I have been in tears while lying on the table. But it's worth it because it makes me feel much, much better. I also take Chinese herbs.

    This is what I have had treated: gallbladder and digestive problems; degenerated disks in my neck; FMS; immune system; arthritis.

    My doctors are trained with traditional Chinese methodology, although they themselves are not Chinese. I recommend acupuncture to everyone, especially those who have problems taking traditional medications.
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    For Others to Reply.....
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    I've been going to a Five element acupuncturist for two years now. He diagnosed me with CFS long before my doctors even considered it (although unfortunately I didn't believe him1)I've done Five Element and regular acupuncture and I would NEVER go back. If you're in New York his name is Stephen Flores and if you're not - I'm happy to ask him for a referral. Good luck!
  9. sb439

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    can you tell us some more? What it did for you? (You didn't mean to say that you'd never go back to the acupunturist you're then recommending???)
  10. TerriM

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    Emily -- Please elaborate on how Five Element is different from regular chinese acupuncture. How has it helped you . . . would love to hear more!

    Susanne -- I think Emily was saying "I'd never go back to regular acupuncture" . . . that's how I read it. There is a website and a list of practitioners in each state (although some states were blank with none). Terri
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    Sorry to be unclear - I would never go back to regular acupuncture.
    One thing that's different about my acupuncturist is that he does Classical Acupuncture(I believe that is part of 5 Elements). He heats up a point using an herb (there's a whole theory behind directing heat to a point) and then inserts the needly briefly and removes it. Unlike modern acupuncture which is what most people use the points are very specific so you don't have to leave them in for an hour. One doctor works with one client for an hour on those specific points. My understanding of Five Elements is rather limited beyond the few brochures that I've read in his office and in some journals (I think one big acupunture journal is Meridians but I might be wrong).
    I can walk in with a migraine and walk out without one. Although I have CFS in the past year I've moved to being quite functional - so much so that I've had trouble getting a diagnosis. I've just been diagnosed and haven't seen Stephen since then so I'll be interested to talk with him about it.
    I wish I had a great deal more information. I'm sure Stephen would be happy to speak with you about Five Elements and when I go in in the next week or two I'll get some information and post it.
    Take care,
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    Yes it does hurt more than regular acupunture - but I hate having needles left in me so I don't mind. It's minor pain and the difference in energy afterwards is remarkable. I have a low tolerance for pain and I wouldn't go if it was awful.
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    Hi Terrim:
    I tried accupuncture, dont know which type?, for fms pain. During the procedure, I felt weird electrical impulses running up and down my body. It felt strange.
    I had the needles in for about one half hour, all over.
    When I went home, I continued to have those weird electrical impulses run thru my entire body at various times. That was definitely a strange feeling. I never knew when it would come on. I also had severe pain from worsening fms for several days after.
    I don't know what went wrong, or if I just can't tolerate it, but I had a very negative experience from accupuncture.
    I hope yours works out okay, as alot of others who posted seem to have had great results.
    let us know.
  14. northwoodssue

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    I do tai chi every day and it has helped tremendously with increased energy. Can't say it has helped with the fms, but I feel better after doing it. I also do yoga, which helps alot.
    good luck