Has anyone tried HGH therapy???

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    I am new to the board. I am considering HGH therapy, as my IGF-1 is below 200. It is ALOT of $$$. Has anyone else tried it? I would be grateful for any advice, experiences, etc. Thanks.
  2. Mikie

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    We used to have a member named Lakediver who got great results from the injectible Hgh. She no longer comes here and I don't know whether any of her old posts have survived. If you use the search feature, you can see what has been posted about it.

    I use the sublingual Hgh stimulant and have gotten some good, though not dramatic, results from that. It is not considered anywhere nearly as efficient as the true Hgh in injectible form. One drawback with the injectivel form is that is has been shown in studies to feed cancer cells. Some docs don't like it for this reason.

    Love, Mikie