Has anyone tried kinesiology or the JMT technique?

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    I just got done seeing an acupuncturist who does this and he did the muscle testing on me, found I had mycoplasmas, candida, lyme, and a couple other bacterias. Also I am allergic to acidopholis which he treated right there.

    The whole concept is strange to me and I wonder if it's really gonna work. He totally blew me away with what he was telling me though. Said I will never get better till I get these pathogens out of my body since they are just taking over. You can take antibiotics all you want but your body will still react to them in the same way it did when they come back. Basically you have an allergy to these pathogens and your body is spending all it's energy trying to get rid of them, causing you lots of symptoms.

    He has excellent results with the Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) and has cured people of RA, OA, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Crohn's, other autoimmune diseases (including Lupus and MS, which he tells me are harder though),asthma, allergies, and other illnesses. And all of these people he has treated have had EXCELLENT results. He recomputes the body to adapt to the pathogens and not fight them or something, then they leave the system through another type of acupuncture technique. (I haven't read all the material yet or studied this type of stuff so I'm new at this.)

    You don't have to take any supplements, change your diet, lifestyle, nothing unless you want to, because once your body is reprogrammed to not be allergic to these pathogens anymore, it doesn't fight them and the symptoms disappear.

    It's more of a holistic approach, whereas say if you're allergic to carrots, you're probably not allergic to the actual carrot, you're allergic to Vitamin A or a substance IN the carrot. Someone allergic to milk, might be allergic to calcium, not necessarily lactose intolerant. People are allergic to lots of vitamins and minerals he says. Makes sense. So I have to bring in all my vitamins, herbs, medications, etc....anything I put into my body, then he'll do a check to see if I'm allergic to them or not, and if so reprogram me.

    Weird huh?! But I'm excited about this new approach. It's gonna be expensive though, I have about 7 different pathogens in my body I think he said, and each takes approximately 6 treatments to get out, at $55 each. But I have a feeling it'll be worth it, plus, get this, my insurance will pay for 12 of the visits!

    Anyway, I'm excited and was wondering if anyone tried this new approach yet and what your results were. I'm still looking all this info up on the internet and trying to learn more about it.

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    ...because I feel this could be very important.
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    Thank you for your post, it`s very interesting.

    I know of several people who have seen a kinesiologist with very favourible results.

    Haven`t had this treatment myself, but would very much like to know how you get on. Good luck.

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    I was treated by a kinesiologist who had the highest rating given by whatever institution credential them, and end result was that he was just another doctor who "thought it was all in my head"

    thumbs down on kinesiology. just another way to make money on people's suffering.

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    Pat and Tim ~ I found him in the yellow pages. He's in Olympia WA. He's got tons of credentials, walls full of certificates, spent over $100,000 on education, makes me kinda think he's for real. I mean, if it didn't work or if he didn't get favorable results, he wouldn't have patients and no patients means no money to pay off his loans.

    Also, he KNOWS it's not all in our heads and that these are very real autoimmune diseases that we have caused by pathogens that we must rid of from our bodies in order to heal.

    I think he's for real but I shall see as I wonder down this road. There are many kinesiologists out there but few who are certified in the JMT technique. Which is supposedly the only technique that will get rid of these pathogens for us. Acupuncture can help me 20% he says, kinesiology can do a bit more by channeling our energy but this JMT thing is supposedly 100%. (I know, makes me wonder too, when anyone claims a cure like that, but with so few of these certified JMT advanced kinesiologists, they would have been out of business by now if it didn't work, right?)

    Anyway, I'll keep you all posted as I go through the treatments step by step.
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    Hi, I've had 2 jmt treatments with Lauren Hoffman D. C. very near Omaha for $25. per visit and she treats as many things as your system can tolerate. The first time she was very cautious with my sensitive system, I felt tired the next day but better the rest of the week as well as 2 weeks later, but it may have been for some other reason. Second treatment I told her to treat me for more things and I was slow for a week, BUT again, it may have been for other reasons. JMT is very related to NAET which Dr. Teitelbaum mentioned as beneficial on his site several months back. I think I copied it somewhere, maybe I can find it. Carry on. rfg Rita