Has anyone tried Neurobion injections?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by phoebe1, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I would like to know if anyone has had any success with this?
    I don't want to waste time or money on this, any input would be appreciated!

  2. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

  3. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    It is a very high concentration of B-vitamins for people with specific deficiencies, it is said to be the best on the market and way above the normal B12 and B Co injections.
    I'm not sure about the cost Sue, your pharmacist should know, it will be different to what it is in my country.

  4. southernrose

    southernrose New Member

    Phoebe, Where could I get more info on this, for I am about ready to try anything. I am so tired of being sick and tired, if you know what I mean. GOD Bless You
  5. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    You can ask your pharmacist or look it up on the net. It is supposed to be REALLY good.
    I'm hoping we can get an opinion of someone who has actually tried it.

  6. tcluna

    tcluna New Member

    they were very helpful
  7. southernrose

    southernrose New Member

    I feel kind of like I'm not all here, for I believe you said to check with our druggist in another message. sorry phoebe1. may GOD bless you and yours
  8. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I've read positive and not positive statements on other Boards.

    It's available over-the-counter in Germany, is it in South Africa? There are also oral formulations. I think that Merck makes Neurobion.

    It seems from a study that I've found that it takes repeated injections of Neurobion to enhance analgesic's effects on pain. Please read the following study brief:

    [Here is a study cited on NCBI | NLM | NIH Department of Health & Human Services, US - website]

    "Klin Wochenschr. 1990 Jan 19;68(2):129-35. Related Articles

    Acute effects of vitamin B6 and fixed combinations of vitamin B1, B6 and B12 on nociceptive activity evoked in the rat thalamus: dose-response relationship and combinations with morphine and paracetamol.

    Jurna I, Carlsson KH, Komen W, Bonke D.

    Institut fur Pharmakologie und Toxikologie der Universitat des Saarlandes, Homburg/Saar.

    Nociceptive activity was elicited in neurones of the thalamus by supramaximal electrical stimulation of afferent C fibres in the sural nerve of rats under urethane anesthesia. The fixed combination of vitamin B1, B6, and B12 (Neurobion) as well as of vitamin B6 administered by i.p. injection dose-dependently reduced the evoked nociceptive activity. The ED50 of Neurobion is 4.6 ml/kg (at 100 min after injection) and that of vitamin B6 is 189 mg/kg (at 90 min after injection). The minimum effective doses of Neurobion and vitamin B6 are 0.5 ml/kg and 40 mg/kg, respectively. When Neurobion or vitamin B6 were given at their minimum effective doses, and the minimum effective doses of morphine (0.025 mg/kg) or paracetamol (5 mg/kg) were injected i.v. 80 min later, i.e., when the maximum effect of higher doses of Neurobion or vitamin B6 was about to develop, no supraadditive effect developed. It is concluded that the antinociceptive effect caused by a single injection of Neurobion is largely due to vitamin B6. Vitamin B12 may contribute to this effect, whereas vitamin B1 alone exhibited only a slight effect on nociception. Moreover, it appears that Neurobion produces its antinociceptive effect after a single injection and after repeated administration during several days by different mechanisms so that the effect of analgesic agents is not enhanced following a single injection of Neurobion but may be enhanced after repeated administration of the compound.

    PMID: 2157085 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]"
  9. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    The article is very interesting, I think I might give it a try, it is available over the counter and it is recommended that you get 1 injection a week for 6 weeks, the pharmacist can do it.
    I will let everyone know if it works.


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