Has anyone tried RELORA?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Just read an article from this site's newsletter that makes Relora sound like the answer to a prayer, esp. for those of us who have both Fibro and Metabolic Syndrome.
    I cannot take it right now, as I am still trying the Guai protocol, and Relora is made from plant extracts. I have another 7 weeks on the extended Guai protocol I drew-up, and if I am still getting no results then,after 4 months total, I am quitting and trying Relora. Fibro may not kill me, but Metabolic Syndrome will, and my doc already warned me to make sure my Will is updated...pretty scary, so I would try just about anything.
    The article on Relora says 20% of American adults now have Metabolic Syndrome. (Do a search of previous posts here if you do not know what it is and are interested....look under Syndrome X too, as that's what it used to be called)
    Relora is made from Magnolia and Philodendron extracts, and appears to lower cortisol output during stress, and dramatically raise DHEA, therby calming carbo cravings and reducing stress-induced abdominal obesity. It also relaxed study participants, gave them a good nights sleep, made them less irritable...in short, just what we need.
    The study subjects were healthy people, so it may not work as well on Fibro, or it could even work better,who knows?
    Anyone here tried it yet?
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    HI! I just started taking Relora and found that some of the statistics are true. I am less tried because I think it helps me relax and sleep better. I have only been on it for 1 week. I will let you know if anything else of substance happens.

    Reply if you have started taking it and noticed anything different
    Take care!
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    My DHEA level has been tested since I first posted this, and it is already way too high, so I am not going to try this! I can tell you, that at least for me, having a high DHEA level does not reduce my cravings for sweets!
    Also I am now on the highest dose in the Guaifenesin protocol, and it actually seems to be working, so I can't take products with plant extracts in them like Relora.
    Please keep us posted on your progress,