has anyone tried the magniesium iv drip

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  1. aim4perfection

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    have heard alot about this was wondering if anyone has tried it, and if so what the results were.
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    I had a magnesium iv done last year at the FFC. There were other chemicals in the iv besides the magnesium like vitamins and DSMO, etc. I didn't feel well after I got home that day and I started getting a yellow tinge to my skin and my husband said it looked like I was jandice. I called the FFC and they didn't think that it should cause jandice. I felt bad for a few days and decided that the iv drip wasn't for me. I have been told that this iv helps alot of people. I happen to be sensitive to alot of medications and food so it may be fine for most people. However, I do feel like we are guniea pigs on some of these treatments which does concern me. I have taken oral magnesium for several years and I heard that you can take up to 2,000 mg or when you get diarrea, which ever happens first. I end up taking about 1,200 mg per day and it does help.

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    yes, i have been getting mg drips for the past 1 1/2 years--at first weekly or twice weekly, and now once 2-4 weeks. my dosage is quite high, 5 grams each time, now down to 2-3 grams.

    i have tried to supplement with oral mg, but my body just doesn't seem to accept it.

    i have been doing other things along with the mg, including glutathione pushes, and abx treatment, as well as many supplements, etc., so can't attribute all improvement to mg, but i know that it is very helpful to me.

    since i don't need as much, i would like to switch to injections that i could maybe do at home. anyone able to give me details? name of pharmacy, what is included (such as lidocaine for pain), dosage level, cost?

    one anomoly (sp?)--my blood pressure has historically been very low--such as 90 over 55. there is a risk with taking mg of blood pressure getting dangerously low--the reason they won't let me do the iv at home. however, my blood pressure ALWAYS goes up to a more normal level. maybe this is why mg makes me feel better. some say certain infections use up mg, so this may be another reason.

    blessings, jen102
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    I've got CFIDS/M.E., FM, etc. and get a weekly vitamin/mineral drip with magnesium in it as I'm very low. I can't remember what dose I take at the moment as sometimes it doubles, but it has helped me tremendously since I can't take things orally due to a sensitive stomach.

    It's worth a try, but we're all different.

    LB32 (Leeza)